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Final Fantasy The Crystal Bearer [RFCEGD]

All Accessories [Thomas83Lin]
C2179B88 00000002
398000FF 7D8301AE
7C0300AE 00000000

All Materials [Thomas83Lin]
C2179A14 00000002
39800063 99830088
88630088 00000000

Inf Money [Thomas83Lin]
C23A25F0 00000002
3D807FFF 91830010
80630010 00000000

Inf Health [Thomas83Lin]
C204D218 00000003
807F3DB4 2C030000
4182000C 818302AC
918302B0 00000000

Inf health [Thomas83Lin]
48000000 80BBAF94
DE000000 80008180
140002AC 00000012
140002B0 00000012
E0000000 80008000
*Ossleepthread hook Only*

100% Medals [Thomas83Lin]
0434C71C 7C661B78
0434C768 90060014
0434C76C 80C60014
0434C7E4 90060014
0434C7E8 80C60014

Moon Jump Hold + [shark2003]
20B85000 00000010
DE000000 80008180
04E1AC04 C2700000
04E1AC7C C3000000
E0000000 80008000
Sometimes after lenghty cutscenes the code stops working so you will need to save and restart and the code will work again
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