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Tomb Raider Anniversary [RLRP4F]

Walk through walls [-Ozelot-]
044B6420 60000000
You can walk trought Walls, doors ect.

Moon Jump [-Ozelot-]
2839C7F2 F7FF0800
0468AED8 428C0000
E0000000 80008000
Press/Hold A Button (Wiimote)

Save Coordinates [-Ozelot-]
2839C7F2 0000XXXX
82210000 0068AD60
82210001 0068AD64
82210002 0068AD68
82210003 0068AD88
E0000000 80008000
Press a Button and the Code Saves your Position
Special thanks to James, dcx2, Deathwolf

Write Back Coordinates [-Ozelot-]
2839C7F2 0000XXXX
84210000 0068AD60
84210001 0068AD64
84210002 0068AD68
84210003 0068AD88
E0000000 80008000
Press a Button and Load your Saved Position
Special thanks to James, dcx2, Deathwolf

Inf Health + under water air [-Ozelot-]
043620C0 60000000
043620C8 60000000
041E23A0 60000000
04071424 60000000
C21EDEE0 00000003
3D804400 618C0000
918306F0 C00306F0
60000000 00000000
Special Thanks to: Deathwolf & Bully@WiiPlaza

Player 1 (Wiimote+Nunchuck): 2839C7F2 0000XXXX
Player 2 (Wiimote+Nunchuck): 2839D032 0000XXXX
Player 2 (Wiimote+ClassicC): 2839D092 0000XXXX
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