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Lost in Shadow [SDWE18]

No Damage [Jackal]
0406582C 60000000

1 Hit Kill [Jackal]
040C3D58 EC000028
040A82F8 38000000

Final Boss 1 Hit Kill [Jackal]
040BDCEC 38000000
Note: You still need to step on the light attack switch

0 Death Count [Jackal]
0440B2CC 00000000

Moon Jump (Ported from ZiT) [Jackal]
285649E0 F7FF0800
04438904 45000000
E0000000 80008000

Speed Up (Ported from ZiT) [Jackal]
2C5649B0 00000100
2E5649B0 00003F00
04438900 45A00000
E0000000 80008000
2C5649B0 0000C100
2E5649B0 0000EF00
04438900 C5A00000
E0000000 80008000

Hold C to Speed Up (Modified from ZiT) [Jackal]
285649E0 BFFF4000
2C5649B0 00005C00
2E5649B0 00007F01
04438900 45700000
E2000002 80008000
2C5649B0 000081FF
2E5649B0 00009800
04438900 C5700000
E0000000 80008000
1.0x X=2
1.5x X=7
2.0x X=A
Speed Up codes may flip direction when stage is rotated

Infinite Body of Light Time [Jackal]
0406591C 38600000

Always Recover to Full [Jackal]
0406580 9f1 C 60000000

Infinite Health/Weight [Glitch]
0240B2B6 0000FFFF

Kill 1 Monster to Level Up/Full EXP bar. [Glitch]
0240B2C6 0000FFFF
Note: Max Level looks like it is 30, so in 1 level you should be max already.
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