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Issho ni Asobo: Dream Theme Park [SFDJAF]

Unlock All Costumes [Glitch]
057033B0 01010100
037033B4 00000101

Unlock All Difficulties [Glitch]
057032D8 00000004
097032F0 00000004
20140008 00000000

Dream Attraction has 9999999 Entrants [Glitch]
C21457FC 00000003
3D800099 398C967F
9183F250 8063F250
60000000 00000000

Pirate Monkey Chase Attraction Stops in 1 Second [Glitch]
C20DF53C 00000004
A19F0278 2C0C3F80
4180000C 39803F80
B19F0278 C07F0278
60000000 00000000

Pirate Cruise Adventure Attraction Stops in 1 Second [Glitch]
C2013E6C 00000004
A1830018 2C0C3F80
4180000C 39803F80
B1830018 C0230018
60000000 00000000

Magical Flight Score 99999 [Glitch]
0417D9B8 3D800002
0417D9BC 380C869F

Fairy Dance Attraction Score 99999 [Glitch]
040B62E8 3D800002
040B62EC 380C869F

Ghost Hunter Attraction Score 99999 [Glitch]
04173924 3C600002
04173928 3803869F

Rotating Bike Show Attraction Score 99999 [Glitch]
0407EDD0 3C600002
0407EDD4 3803869F

Frog Hop Challenge Anywhere 1P lands is a duck [Glitch]
C21025A0 00000003
7CBD2B78 2C1F0000
40820008 3BA00002
60000000 00000000

Frog Hop Challenge 1P Score is 99999 [Glitch]
C2102660 00000004
2C1F0000 40820010
3D800002 380C869F
90040000 80040000
60000000 00000000
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