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Fifa 14 [SVHX69]


Button Activator [Bully@Wiiplaza]
28135400 YYYYZZZZ

Profile Modifiers

City Name Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
42000000 90000000
0797BB80 00000018
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
E0000000 80008000

Club Name Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
42000000 90000000
075724B6 00000018
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
00SS00SS 00SS00SS
E0000000 80008000

Club Abbreviation Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
42000000 90000000
075724D0 00000008
00SS00SS 00SS0000
E0000000 80008000

Population Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C21E4C1C 00000003
93A4A8EC 93A4A8F0
60000000 00000000

All Overall Bonuses Completed [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C21A0C48 00000007
2C1B0001 40820028
38600005 907F63D8
38600014 907F1398
907F4D98 3860001E
907F0038 38600023
907F2798 807F0038
60000000 00000000


Goals Worth Multiplier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
045EBFE8 3805000X

Home Goals Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C2242FB8 00000002
3800XXXX 90046F3C
60000000 00000000

Away Goals Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C241D5D8 00000002
3800XXXX 90037294
60000000 00000000

Home Players Amount Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C22DDA14 00000002
3800000X 901F00C8
60000000 00000000

Players Sent-Off Modifier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
047360CC 3803XXXX
FFFF = Default (-1)
*The amount of players which have to leave the field when someone of the team receives a red card*

Timer Control [Bully@Wiiplaza]
046CA5C0 38040001
046CA564 7C00E214
046CA5C8 60000000
046CA568 60000000
28135400 F9FF0600
046CA5C0 3800270F
046CA564 3800270F
046CA5C8 901D0008
046CA568 901D000C
E0000000 80008000
*Press 1 + B to end half time otherwise you can play forever*
*Not compatible with "Match Timer Speed Multiplier"*

Timer Speed Multiplier [Bully@Wiiplaza]
046CA5C0 3804000X
*Not compatible with "Match Timer Control"*

Manager Mode

Infinite Transfer Points [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C2384F94 00000002
39800063 91830000
80630000 00000000

Infinite Budget [Bully@Wiiplaza]
C2384FB4 00000002
3D806000 91830004
80630004 00000000


*YYYY & ZZZZ Values*
Button mask & button values

*SS values*
ASCII letters converted to hexadecimal

*X values*
Decimal converted to hexadecimal
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