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MotoHeroz [WAJE]

999 Stars in Game 1199 [Thomas83Lin]
C20EE9C8 00000002
38A003E7 90A6021C
7F65DB78 00000000

99999 Stars in Garage [Thomas83Lin]
C20B0DC0 00000002
3C000001 6000869F
9003000C 00000000
040B0DC4 7C030378

Freeze Timer [Thomas83Lin]
0403F718 38030000

Unlock All Levels [Thomas83Lin]
C20AFA94 00000002
3800000F 980300D8
60000000 00000000

P1 Weapon Roller (Press B) [Thomas83Lin]
C206CE44 0000000B
7FA7F0AE 2C1D0000
40820048 3FE0802A
63FFF2AE A3FF0000
73FF0400 41820034
8BA52030 3BBD0001
2C1D0007 40820008
3BA00008 2C1D0009
40820008 3BA0000A
2C1D000B 40810008
3BA00002 9BA52030
54DFD97E 00000000

Weapon doesn't run out [Thomas83Lin]
0406D554 34040000
*May effect enemies*

Classic Controller Support v.2 [Thomas83Lin]
C2204950 00000024
38210050 7C0802A6
80B50060 48000041
80950000 7CA52378
90B50000 80B50064
4800002D 80950004
7CA52378 90B50004
80B50068 48000019
80950008 7CA52378
90B50008 7C0803A6
4E800020 70A40200
2C040000 4182000C
3CC0C400 90D50010
38C00000 70A40800
2C040000 41820008
60C68000 70A40020
2C040000 41820008
60C60200 70A40040
2C040000 41820008
60C60100 70A40001
2C040000 41820008
60C60002 70A40002
2C040000 41820008
60C60008 70A48000
2C040000 41820008
60C60004 70A44000
2C040000 41820008
60C60001 70A40400
2C040000 41820008
60C60010 70A41000
2C040000 41820008
60C61000 70A40010
2C040000 41820008
60C60800 70A42000
2C040000 41820008
60C60400 7CC53378
60000000 00000000
*Ported From Crediar Modded by Thomas83Lin*
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