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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword DEMO [DAXP01]

Shield wood [crediar]
0405E0FC 38600000

Shield iron [crediar]
0405E0FC 38600001

Shield holy [crediar]
0405E0FC 38600002

Shield hylia [crediar]
0405E0FC 38600003

Shield wood2 [crediar]
0405E0FC 38600004

"Bird Riding" free-walking around the city Deathwolf [crediar]
0409A824 60000000

Enable map in Skyloft [crediar]
0423B4E4 60000000

Unlock all items [crediar]
041DB9A4 3BE00001
*Whip,Blower,Hookshot,Net,Diggers,sailcloth and Harp

Infinite Health Deathwolf [crediar]
0400AA48 60000000

Allow to Play without Wiimotion Plus V2 Deathwolf [crediar]
2056A22C 00000001
0456A22C 00000005
0456A230 00000005
0456A26C 00000008
0456C4B4 05000000
0456C4CC 10000000

Sword iron [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600000

Sword skyward lvl 1 [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600001

Sword skyward lvl 2 [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600002

Sword skyward lvl 3 [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600003

Sword iron2 [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600004

Mastersword [crediar]
0405BD2C 38600005
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