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Super Mario Bros.2 The Lost Levels [FB2N]

Moon Jump [Sharkbyte]
281D7568 FEFF0100
02435EDE 000000FD
E0000000 80008000

World Selector [Sharkbyte]
0043659F 0000000X

Sprite level value [Sharkbyte]
0043659C 0000000X

Level Selector [Sharkbyte]
004365A0 0000000X

Have 999990 score [giantpune]
044366A4 09090909
004366A3 00000009

coins give you lives (too many coins = game over) [giantpune]
0043659E 00000063

always have firepower. little and big mario are switched [giantpune]
00436596 00000002
*you start each area with little mario and firepower.
*if you get hit, you grow and still have firepower
*if you get hit again, you die

combine this with the always have firepower code above to not die [giantpune]
0043622E 00000000
*these 2 codes together make you revert from small to big to small
*when you get hit and still retain firepower

Coins give you extra lives [giantpune]
0043659E 00000063

Invincible [GMO]
004365DE 00000008

Max Lives [GMO]
0043659A 00000009

Hold B and Press Right on D-Pad for More Time [GMO]
281D7568 00000402
0443662C 03090A00
E0000000 80008000

Always Start with 90 Coins [GMO]
00436627 00000090

Max Coins [GMO]
00436627 00000090
00436628 00000090

Unlimited Star Power [GMO]
004365DF 00000020

Infinite Lives [farjo08]
0043659A 00000008

Infinite Time [farjo08]
0443662C 04000000
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