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Castlevania [FBHE]

Weapon select [Sharkbyte]
003C737B 000000??
08=Throwing sword
0A=Cross (kills all enemies)
0B=Glass bottle
0C=Red Axe (hidden)
0D=Regular Axe
0E=1up (same effect as clock)

Infinite Health [farjo08]
003E950B 000000A5

Press B+Right on D-Pad To Add More Time [GMO]
281BA6D8 00000402
023C7262 00009903
E0000000 80008000

Unlimited Health [GMO]
023C7264 00004040

Have Upgraded Whip [GMO]
003C7290 00000002

Max Hearts [GMO]
003C7291 00000063
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