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Ninja Gaiden II [FCQE]

Invincible [GMO]
003EDBE8 00000070

Disable Timer [GMO]
003EDC30 00000020

1-Hit Kill (Bosses) [GMO]
2818F3E8 00001000
003EDC01 00000001
E0000000 80008000

Moon Jump (Press 2) [Sharkbyte]
28217F52 FEFF0100
043EE100 1A31371F

Super Jump (Press 2) [Sharkbyte]
28217F52 FEFF0100
003EE160 000000FB
If holding 2 for too long on Super Jump, you will fly above the screen and you will die, so be careful.
Do NOT have both codes on at same time.

Infinite Lives [funkamatic]
003EDC25 00000009

Infinite ninja power [funkamatic]
003EDC2E 0000003C

Infinite health [funkamatic]
003EDC00 00000010

Infinite Time [funkamatic]
003EDC31 0000001C
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