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Super Mario Bros. 3 [FCWE]

Invincibility (Toggle with B trigger) [goemon_guy]
0046DC73 000000FF
28297A12 FBFF0400
0046DC73 00000000
CC000000 00000000
0046DC73 000000FF
E0000000 80008000

Moon Jump [goemon_guy]
28297A12 FEFF0100
0046D7EF 000000CA
E0000000 80008000

Lost Level 1 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000028
0248A72C 000018AF

Lost Level 2 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000023
0248A72C 000042B4

Lost Level 3 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000024
0248A72C 0000C4B0

Lost Level 4 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 0000002D
0248A72C 0000ABAD

Lost Level 5 [Sharkbyte]
004AD9E2 00000010

Lost Level 7 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000022
0248A72C 000054B7

Lost Level 8 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000023
0248A72C 0000DDB0

Lost Level 9 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 0000002D
0248A72C 0000A9AC

Lost Level 13 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000024
0248A72C 0000CDAD

Lost Level 14 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 0000002C
0248A72C 0000BAB7

Lost Level 15 [Sharkbyte]
0048A6D8 00000021
0248A72C 00004CA7

Debug Mode [Sharkbyte]
004A1C75 000000CC
Lost levels and Debug mode ported from ZiT's codes
-Have only one level code on at a time
-The world can be selected on the title screen.(up/down Button)
-The number of Mario Lives is increased on the title screen.(2 Button)
-Have all Items
-Mario status change(- Button)

Invincible [GMO]
0046DC72 00000071

Mario Suit Modifier [GMO]
0046D80D 000000??
00 Small Mario
01 Big Mario
02 Fireball Mario
03 Leaf Mario
04 Frog Suit
05 Raccoon Suit
06 Hammer Bro Suit

Instant P Charge [GMO]
0046DAFD 0000007F

Hold B and Press Right on D-Pad for More Time [GMO]
2820EE28 00000402
0246DD0E 00000909
E0000000 80008000

Max Lives [GMO]
0046DE56 00000063

Max Coins/ Instant 1-Up [GMO]
005B3062 00000063

Have All Items [GMO]
045B3040 01020304
045B3044 05060708
045B3048 090A0B0C

Able to move anywhere on the map [legoagk101]
00486571 000000A9
004865F8 00000020
Ported from the original game genie code,
this works best with the d-pad,may stop working overtime

Infinite Lives [farjo08]
004AE3D3 000000BD
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