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Mega Man 3 [FD7E]

Moon Jump B+2 [Thomas83Lin]
28181668 FAFF0500
003BC480 00000004
E0000000 80008000

Invincible [GMO]
003BC059 00000021

Refill Health & Ammo [GMO]
28181668 00000402
023BC0C2 00009C9C
043BC0C4 9C9C9C9C
043BC0C8 9C9C9C9C
023BC0CC 00009C9C
E0000000 80008000
Hold B and Press Right on D-Pad

Infinite Lives [whitetigerx8]
103BCF3E 00000009

Infinite Health [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C2 0000009C

Infinite Energy Tanks [whitetigerx8]
103BCF9E 00000009

Infinite Gemini Laser [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C3 0000009C

Infinite Needle Cannon [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C4 0000009C

Infinite Hard Knuckle [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C5 0000009C

Infinite Magnet Missle [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C6 0000009C

Infinite Top Spin [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C7 0000009C

Infinite Search Snake [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C8 0000009C

Infinite Rush Coil [whitetigerx8]
103BC0C9 0000009C

Infinite Spark Shock [whitetigerx8]
103BC0CA 0000009C

Infinite Rush Marine [whitetigerx8]
103BC0CB 0000009C

Infinite Shadow Blade [whitetigerx8]
103BC0CC 0000009C

Infinite Rush Jet [whitetigerx8]
103BC0CD 0000009C
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