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Mega Man 2 [FDNE]

Refill Health & Ammo [GMO]
2817AAA8 00000402
003B5B20 0000001C
043B54FC 1C1C1C1C
043B5500 1C1C1C1C
023B5504 00001C1C
003B5506 0000001C
E0000000 80008000
Hold B and Press Right on D-Pad

1-Hit Boss Kill [GMO]
2817AAA8 00000401
003B5B21 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Hold B and Press Left on D-Pad

Unlock All Weapons and Items [GMO]
023B54FA 0000FFFF

Moon Jump [Thomas83Lin]
2817AAA8 FEFF0100
003B5AA0 00000004
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Lives [whitetigerx8]
103B5508 00000064

Infinite Health [whitetigerx8]
103B5B20 0000001C

Have All 4 Energy Tanks [whitetigerx8]
103B5507 00000004

Infinite Atomic fire [whitetigerx8]
103B54FC 0000001C

Infinite Air Shooter [whitetigerx8]
103B54FD 0000001C

Infinite Leaf Shield [whitetigerx8]
103B54FE 0000001C

Infinite Bubble Lead [whitetigerx8]
103B54FF 0000001C

Infinite Quick Boomerang [whitetigerx8]
103B5500 0000001C

Infinite Time Stopper [whitetigerx8]
103B5501 0000001C
Warning: You may get stuck in certain parts of the game as everything is frozen (including the pause menu).

Infinite Metal Blade [whitetigerx8]
103B5502 0000001C

Infinite Crash Bomber [whitetigerx8]
103B5503 0000001C

Infinite Item-1 [whitetigerx8]
103B5504 0000001C

Infinite Item-2 [whitetigerx8]
103B5505 0000001C

Infinite Item-3 [whitetigerx8]
103B5506 0000001C
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