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Chou-Wakusei Senki MetaFight [FFMJ]

Inf Lives [Thomas83Lin]
003A17FD 00000009

Inf Health [Thomas83Lin]
003A1B2D 000000FF

Max Gun [Thomas83Lin]
003A17E3 000000FF

Max Weapons [Thomas83Lin]
023A1E10 00006363
003A1E12 00000063

Inf Hover [Thomas83Lin]
003A17B2 000000FF

Addons [Thomas83Lin]
003A17B9 000000FF
043A17D8 00070007
003A1B1C 0000000F

Moon Jump Press B [Thomas83Lin]
28162EA8 FBFF0400
003A1B27 000000CC
E0000000 80008000
*WiiMote Only*

Moon Jump Press X [Thomas83Lin]
28162ED2 FFF70008
003A1B27 000000CC
E0000000 80008000
*Classic Controller*
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