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Mega Man 4 [FFNE]

Inf Health (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
003E1630 0000009C

Moon Jump (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
2822608A FEFF0100
003E1970 00000004
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Energy (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
083E1631 0000009C
000C0001 00000000

Infinite Lives (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
003E1621 00000009

Infinite Tank (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
003E1622 00000009

Invincible (ported from ZiT) [Thomas83Lin]
003E15BC 00000023

Infinite Lives [ZiT]
004E2401 00000009

Infinite Health [ZiT]
004E2410 0000009C

Infinite Energy [ZiT]
084E2411 0000009C
000C0001 00000000

Infinite Tank [ZiT]
004E2402 00000009

Invincible [ZiT]
004E239C 00000023

Moon Jump [ZiT]
2822608A FEFF0100
004E2750 00000004
E0000000 80008000
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