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Resident Evil 2 [GHAE08]

Infinite Health (CodeJunkies) [Codejunkies]
00163F7F 000000FF

All Files (CodeJunkies) [Codejunkies]
04168D98 01020304
04168D9C 05070809
04168DA0 0A0B0C0D
04168DA4 0E0F1011
04168DA8 12131415
04168DAC 1617FFFF

Zero Saves (CodeJunkies) [Codejunkies]
001688F5 00000000

Infinite Items All Slots (CodeJunkies) [Codejunkies]
00168C71 000000FF
00168C75 000000FF
00168C79 000000FF
00168C7D 000000FF
00168C81 000000FF
00168C85 000000FF
00168C89 000000FF
00168C8D 000000FF


Custom Hand Gun [Codejunkies]
02168CA0 000004FF

Custom Magnum [Codejunkies]
02168CA4 000006FF

Custom Shotgun [Codejunkies]
02168CA8 000008FF

Grenade Launcher [Codejunkies]
02168CAC 000009FF

Grenade Launcher(Flame) [Codejunkies]
02168CB0 00000AFF

Grenade Launcher(Yellow) [Codejunkies]
02168CB4 00000BFF

Bow Gun [Codejunkies]
02168CB8 00000CFF

Colt S.A.A. [Codejunkies]
02168CBC 00000DFF

Spark Shot [Codejunkies]
02168CC0 00000EFF

Sub-Machine Gun [Codejunkies]
02168CC4 00000FFF

Flamethrower [Codejunkies]
02168CC8 000010FF

Rocket Launcher [Codejunkies]
02168CCC 000011FF

Gatling Gun [Codejunkies]
02168CD0 000012FF

Ink Ribbons [Codejunkies]
02168CD4 00001EFF

Anti-Virus Bomb [Codejunkies]
02168CDC 000024FF

Full Lighter [Codejunkies]
02168CE0 00002FFF

Lockpick [Codejunkies]
02168CE4 000030FF

Valve Handle [Codejunkies]
02168CE8 000032FF

Red Jewel [Codejunkies]
02168CEC 000033FF

Red Card Key [Codejunkies]
02168CF0 000034FF

Blue Card Key [Codejunkies]
02168CF4 000035FF

Serpent Stone [Codejunkies]
02168CF8 000036FF

Jaguar Stone [Codejunkies]
02168CFC 000037FF

Blue Stone(1) [Codejunkies]
02168D00 000038FF

Blue Stone(2) [Codejunkies]
02168D04 000039FF

Eagle Stone [Codejunkies]
02168D08 00003AFF

Bishop Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D0C 00003BFF

Rook Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D10 00003CFF

Knight Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D14 00003DFF

King Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D18 00003EFF

W. Box Key [Codejunkies]
02168D1C 00003FFF

Bomb & Detonator [Codejunkies]
02168D20 000042FF

Crank [Codejunkies]
02168D24 000043FF

Unicorn Medal [Codejunkies]
02168D28 000047FF

Eagle Medal [Codejunkies]
02168D2C 000048FF

Wolf Medal [Codejunkies]
02168D30 000049FF

G. Cogwheel [Codejunkies]
02168D34 00004AFF

Manhole Opener [Codejunkies]
02168D38 00004BFF

Main Fuse [Codejunkies]
02168D3C 00004CFF

Fuse Case [Codejunkies]
02168D40 00004DFF

Base Vaccine [Codejunkies]
02168D44 000051FF

G-Virus [Codejunkies]
02168D48 000052FF

Special Key [Codejunkies]
02168D4C 000053FF

Joint S Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D50 000054FF

Joint N Plug [Codejunkies]
02168D54 000055FF

02168D58 000056FF

Cabin Key [Codejunkies]
02168D5C 000058FF

Precinct Key(Spade) [Codejunkies]
02168D60 000059FF

Precinct Key(Diamond) [Codejunkies]
02168D64 00005AFF

Precinct Key(Heart) [Codejunkies]
02168D68 00005BFF

Precinct Key(Clover) [Codejunkies]
02168D6C 00005CFF

C. Panel Key(1) [Codejunkies]
02168D70 00005DFF

C. Panel Key(2) [Codejunkies]
02168D74 00005EFF

P. Room Key [Codejunkies]
02168D78 00005FFF

M.O. Disk [Codejunkies]
02168D7C 000060FF

Leb Card Key [Codejunkies]
02168D80 000061FF

Master Key [Codejunkies]
02168D84 000062FF

Platform Key [Codejunkies]
02168D88 000063FF
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