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Super Mario Sunshine [GMSP01]

Master Code (Codehandler fix)

Master Code [-Ozelot-]
04347930 4BCB9F78
Tested only with GCOS 1.06d

Main Codes

Inf. Lives [-Ozelot-]
0428C650 38000063

Moon Jump [-Ozelot-]
C2244AC8 00000005
3D80803F 618CBC26
A18C0000 718CKKKK
41820010 3D804200
919F00A8 C03F00A8
60000000 00000000
KKKK = GCN Button Value

Inf. Energy + Under water [-Ozelot-]
0423B678 38000008
0424752C 60000000

Inf. Water [-Ozelot-]
04263F58 38002710
042635B0 38002710
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