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I-Ninja [GNJEAF]

Infinte Points [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B790 05F5E100

Infinte Coins [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B76C 05F5E100

Infinte Health [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B6F8 41200000

Infinte Time [Sgt.Ghost]
0841B860 00002710
20160004 00000000
*Time Challenges/Beat the Time

Challenges Completed [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B728 000186A0
*Kills/Red Coins

119 Yellow/Red Circle collected during Mission [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B764 00000077
*A Visual Mission Not Completed

Black Belt [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B774 00000077

Sword Rank [Sgt.Ghost]
0441B760 05F5E0FF

Infinite Shuriken/Bomb Arrow [Sgt.Ghost]
0841B768 00000999
20010008 00000000

*Coming Soon all doors open*

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