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Pikmin [GPIE01]

Infinite and Max Blue Pikmin [goemon_guy]
023D1E02 000003E7

Infinite and Max Red Pikmin [goemon_guy]
023D1E06 000003E7

Infinite and Max Yellow Pikmin [goemon_guy]
023D1E0A 000003E7

Day Modifier [goemon_guy]
0039DA17 000000XX
Replace XX with your day. (1-30)

Have all Areas Available [goemon_guy]
0439D8E0 0000001F

Infinite Health -Olimar- [goemon_guy]
04100084 60000000

One Hit Kills [goemon_guy]
04145B28 D1C30058

Time Manipulator [goemon_guy]
80000000 8039DA04
2839D360 00000002
86910000 3F800000
2839D361 00000001
86910000 BF800000
2839D361 00000004
040518DC 60000000
2839D361 00000008
040518DC D0030014
E0000000 80008000
D-left to rewind
D-right to advance
D-down to stop time
D-up to resume time
*Thanks to dcx2 for helping with the code.

Always grow Flower Pikmin [goemon_guy]
C20EF928 00000002
38000002 900403D0
60000000 00000000

All Pikmin Have Red Ability [goemon_guy]
0407BDA4 48000014
040CCFEC 48000030
040D6FC4 60000000
040D727C 60000000
040FB5D4 4800000C

All Pikmin Have Blue Ability [goemon_guy]
040C89B8 60000000
040CA778 4800000C
040CA7A4 48000044
040CCE20 60000000
040CCE6C 48000134
040D700C 60000000
040D7384 60000000

All Pikmin Have Yellow Ability [goemon_guy]
040C932C 60000000
040C96B0 60000000
040CB4E4 60000000
040CB574 60000000
040D54B0 60000000
040D6FE8 60000000
040D730C 60000000
040FC1F4 60000000
041007F0 60000000

Walk Under Water [goemon_guy]
04115F3C 38600002

Quick Wall Destruction [goemon_guy]
040F631C C002B710

All Pikmin Have Flowers [goemon_guy]
040CDEEC 389F003C
040CDF00 389F003C

Version 1.1

Stop Time From Advancing (Story Mode) [Link Master]
040518DC 60000000

Stop/Return Flow of Time (L+D-pad Left/Right) (Story Mode) [Link Master]
2839D400 00000041
040518DC 60000000
E2000001 80008000
2839D400 00000042
040518DC D0030014
E2000001 80008000

When this code is active, Pikmin cannot destroy gates or build
bridges. Only use the button code unless in an area where all the
gates are already destroyed and bridges are built.
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