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Pikmin 2 [GPVE01]

Movement Code (Z+Left Analog Stick) [goemon_guy]
20507008 00100048
80000000 80E0D9B0
86910000 3F800000
20507009 001000B8
86910000 BF800000
20507009 00104800
80000000 80E0D9B8
86910000 3F800000
20507009 0010B800
86910000 BF800000
E0000000 80008000
28507008 FFEF0010
04E0D9A8 42800000
Hold Z and a direction on the analog stick to move in that direction.
Z also functions as a moon jump type code.
*Olimar ONLY*

Time Manipulator [goemon_guy]
80000000 80B0B4A8
28507008 00000002
86910000 3F800000
28507009 00000001
86910000 BF800000
E0000000 80008000
D-Left to rewind time
D-Right to advance time

One Hit Kills [goemon_guy]
04105FE8 60000000

Infinite Sprays [goemon_guy]
C21E8434 00000002
39C00063 91C300C0
806300C0 00000000

Have Complete Exploration Kit [goemon_guy]
0292F7BC 00000FFF

Have Pieces of Exploration Kit [goemon_guy]
0292F7BC 0000XXXX
Add together the pieces you want.
0001=Rocket Fist
0004=Mega Tweeter
0010=Solar Guard
0020=Metal Suit Z
0040=Scorch Guard
0080=Rush Boots
0100=Treasure Gauge
0400=Sphere Chart (Globe Top Half)
0800=Survey Chart (Globe Bottom Half)

Infinite Health -Olimar & Louie- [goemon_guy]
04144540 60000000

Infinite/Max 999 Blue Pikmin [goemon_guy]
0292F982 000003e7

Infinite/Max 999 Red Pikmin [goemon_guy]
0292F992 000003e7

Infinite/Max 999 Yellow Pikmin [goemon_guy]
0292F99E 000003e7

Infinite/Max 999 White Pikmin [goemon_guy]
0292F9AB 000003e7

Infinite/Max 999 Purple Pikmin [goemon_guy]
0292F9B6 000003e7

Have Collected 10,000 Pokos [goemon_guy]
0492F85C 00002710
This fulfills the debt owed.

Unlock all areas [goemon_guy]
0492F9E0 07070707

Always grow Flower Pikmin [goemon_guy]
C21D9B70 00000002
39C00002 B1DE01F6
60000000 00000000
The Pikmin must be grown to take effect

Stop Time From Advancing (Story Mode) [ 9d9 Link Master]
04127350 60000000

Stop/Return Flow of Time (L+D-pad Left/Right) (Story Mode) [Link Master]
28507008 00000041
04127350 60000000
E2000001 80008000
28507008 00000042
04127350 D0030208
E2000001 80008000
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