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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker [GZLE01]

hold A to walk through walls/sail through islands [wiiztec]
040A38D0 4BFFF86D
040A38E8 4BFFD9BD
283ED84A FEFF0100
040A38D0 60000000
040A38E8 60000000
E0000000 80008000
loading zones are behind doors so this is more useful than usual

hurricane spin lasts until you press B [wiiztec]
04158778 38000000
0415877C 60000000
283ED84A 00000200
0415877C B01E34D0
E0000000 80008000

wind is always at your back [wiiztec]
C2122D08 0000001B
3D80803E 540B801E
556B273E 2C0B0004
40820008 38A00000
2C0B0003 40820008
38A00010 2C0B0002
40820008 38A00020
2C0B0001 40820008
38A00030 2C0B0000
40820008 38A00040
2C0B000F 40820008
38A00050 2C0B000E
40820008 38A00060
2C0B000D 40820008
38A00070 2C0B000C
40820008 38A00080
2C0B000B 40820008
38A00090 2C0B000A
40820008 38A000A0
2C0B0009 40820008
38A000B0 2C0B0008
40820008 38A000C0
2C0B0007 40820008
38A000D0 2C0B0006
40820008 38A000E0
2C0B0005 40820008
38A000F0 98AC545A
B0190002 00000000

invincibility toggle B+L+R [wiiztec]
283ED84A 00000260
04121F54 4BFEE701
CC000000 00000000
04121F54 60000000
E0000000 80008000
on by default

boomerang doesn't return [wiiztec]
040E1C2C 38000006
283ED84A 00000004
040E1C2C 38000005
E0000000 80008000
press/hold down to make it return

puff deku leaf to go up [wiiztec]
C214CD5C 00000003
3C608035 6063DC58
C0030038 D01D025C
2C000000 00000000
0435DC90 C0000000
2953F580 00000019
0435DC90 41D00000
E0000000 80008000
change 41D00000 to alter the amount of height gained per puff
the default is 26 in float
credit to James0x57 for the deku leaf decent rate address

rapid fire magic arrows [wiiztec]
48000000 8153E9E0
DE000000 80008180
10000196 00000000
E0000000 80008000

rave islands toogle L+left [wiiztec]
283ED84A 00000041
041932CC 4BFFE979
CC000000 00000001
041932CC 60000000
E0000000 80008000
off by default

tunic texture for hatless link toggle R+left [wiiztec]
283ED84A 00000021
042E4EE0 4E800421
042E4EFC 4E800421
CC000000 00000000
042E4EE0 60000000
042E4EFC 60000000
E0000000 80008000
take out the 6th line for random textured links
on by default

wind independent deku leaf glide speed accelerator [wiiztec]
0414D244 C041001C
04109194 40800018
041091AC D03E0254
203CA8D4 00000020
C214D244 00000002
3D808000 618C2EB0
C04C0000 00000000
04109194 48000018
C21091AC 00000002
3D808000 C02C2EB4
D03E0254 00000000
243ED85D 00000000
8000000A 3DD55555
8220000B 803ED85C
88A0000A 0000000B
88900009 0000000A
84200009 80002EB4
203ED85D 00000000
24002EB4 41900000
26002EB4 A0000000
86900009 BDD55555
84200009 80002EB4
E2000003 00000000
283ED84A FEFF0100
80000009 41900000
84200009 80002EB4
E0000000 80008000
press R to accelerate (pressure sensitive)

second set of equipped items [wiiztec]
283ED84A FFFB0004
A8000000 00000000
C0000000 0000000B
3D80803C 618CA7DB
892C0000 A14C0001
80A62EA8 2C050000
4082001C 99262EA1
B1462EA2 89262EA5
A1462EA6 38A00001
48000018 99262EA5
B1462EA6 89262EA1
A1462EA2 38A00000
992C0000 B14C0001
90A62EA8 4E800020
04205734 60000000
E0000000 80008000
down on dpad switches between the sets
when you first switch the 2nd set will have fake bottles

Auctioneers Bid Lower Than Previous Bid [hetoan2]
04F1E390 7C030050
Do NOT allow bidding to go below 0 or the game will crash

Any Bid Accepted [hetoan2]
04F1F7B0 00030018

500 Consecutive Hits [hetoan2]
05698922 000001F4
04AB5BB6 000001F4
05698922 000001F4

Magic Armor/Tingle Armor Visuals Never Wear Off [hetoan2]
05536F98 41E7FDF4
0553700C 41E7FDF4
05536F24 41E7FDF4
05537080 41E7FDF4

Sorted 200 letters [hetoan2]
003CA8E5 000000C8
017186D3 000000C8

No Black Bars [Anarion]
040804C4 60000000
040804CC 60000000

Moon Jump [Anarion]
283ED48A 00000000
82200001 803E4410
86000001 00000000
84200001 803E4410
E0000000 80008000
283ED48A 00000010
82200001 803E4410
86000001 0000000F
84200001 803E4410
E0000000 80008000
Press Z

Inf Hearts Against Orca [James0x57]
48000000 803C9DE8
DE000000 80008180
14000C3C 00000000
E0000000 80008000

First Hit on Orca counts as 999 [James0x57]
48000000 803C9DE8
DE000000 80008180
30000D70 00000001
14000D70 000003E7
E0000000 80008000
The counter doesn't show this, but it works.

First Hit on Orca counts as xxx [James0x57]
48000000 803C9DE8
DE000000 80008180
30000D70 00000001
14000D70 00000xxx
E0000000 80008000
xxx is hex.
The counter doesn't show this, but it works.

Max Health [Codejunkies]
003C4C09 00000050

Infinite Health [Codejunkies]
003C4C0B 00000050

Never Lose Health [Codejunkies]
041F173C 60000000

Full Nintendo Gallery [Codejunkies]
003C5260 00000001
023C52AC 0003FFFF
023C52B8 0005FFFF
003C52C8 000000FF
023C52DC 0000FFFF

Test rooms Use only one at a time

HTest (Dungeon With Pigs) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 485F7465
043C9D4C 73740000

VrTest (Basic Island) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 56725465
043C9D4C 73740000

ITest61 (Basic Island With Dragon Boat) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 49546573
043C9D4C 74363100

ITest62 (Snow Chamber) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 49546573
043C9D4C 74363200

ITest63 (Basic Chamber With Endless Baddies) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 49546573
043C9D4C 74363300

I_TestM (Basic Textures) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 495F5465
043C9D4C 73744D00

I_TestR (Basic Textures, Swingers) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 495F5465
043C9D4C 73745200

K_Test2 (Basic Textures, Chests) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743200

K_Test3 (Basic Textures, Char Interaction Test) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743300

K_Test4 (Basic Textures, Enemy Test) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743400

K_Test5 (Basic Textures, Gen Test) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743500

K_Test6 (Basic Textures, Char Test) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743600

K_Test8 (Basic Textures, Evil Chars) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743800

K_Test9 (Basic Textures, Item Test) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73743900

K_Testa (Basic Textures, Switch) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73746100

K_Testb (Basic Textures, Roll Call) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73746200

K_Testc (Basic Textures) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73746300

K_Testd (Basic Textures, Warp) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73746400

K_Teste (Basic Textures, Warp Jugs)" [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 4B5F5465
043C9D4C 73746500

TEST (Standard Room) [Codejunkies]
043C9D44 000000FF
043C9D48 54455354
043C9D4C 00000000

Misc Codes, use after meeting the boat

Max Magic [Codejunkies]
003C4C1B 00000020

Infinite Magic [Codejunkies]
003C4C1C 00000020

Can Carry 1000 Rupees [Codejunkies]
003C4C1A 00000001

Can Carry 5000 Rupees [Codejunkies]
003C4C1A 00000002

Always Have 1000 Rupees [Codejunkies]
023C4C0C 000003E8

Always Have 5000 Rupees [Codejunkies]
023C4C0C 00001388

Link Can Swim Forever [Codejunkies]
023CA76E 00000384

Have All Songs [Codejunkies]
003C4CC5 0000003F

Have Hero's Sword [Codejunkies]
003C4C16 00000038
003C4CBC 00000001

Have Mirror Shield [Codejunkies]
003C4C17 0000003C
003C4CBD 00000003

Have Telescope [Codejunkies]
003C4C44 00000020

Have Sail [Codejunkies]
003C4C45 00000078

Have Wind Waker [Codejunkies]
003C4C46 00000022

Have Grappling Hook [Codejunkies]
003C4C47 00000025

Have Boomerang [Codejunkies]
003C4C49 0000002D

Have Deku Leaf [Codejunkies]
003C4C4A 00000034

Have Tingle Tuner [Codejunkies]
003C4C4B 00000021

Have DX Camera [Codejunkies]
003C4C4C 00000026

Have Iron Boots [Codejunkies]
003C4C4D 00000029

Have Magic Shielding [Codejunkies]
003C4C4E 0000002A

Have Bow And All Arrows [Codejunkies]
003C4C50 00000036

Have Bombs [Codejunkies]
003C4C51 00000031

Have Hookshot [Codejunkies]
003C4C57 0000002F

Have Megaton Hammer [Codejunkies]
003C4C58 00000033

Have Bottle 1 [Codejunkies]
003C4C52 00000050

Have Bottle 2 [Codejunkies]
003C4C53 00000050

Have Bottle 2 With Fairy [Codejunkies]
003C4C53 00000057

Have Bottle 3 [Codejunkies]
003C4C54 00000050

Have Bottle 3 With Blue Potion [Codejunkies] 1934
003C4C54 00000053

Have Bottle 4 [Codejunkies]
003C4C55 00000050

Have Spoils Bag [Codejunkies]
003C4C48 00000024

Have Bait Bag [Codejunkies]
003C4C4F 0000002C

Have Delivery Bag [Codejunkies]
003C4C56 00000030

Infinite Berry Feed [Codejunkies]
003C4C86 00000082
003C4CAC 00000009

Infinite Pear Feed [Codejunkies]
003C4C87 00000083
003C4CAD 00000009

Max Red Chu Jelly [Codejunkies]
003C4C7E 00000049
003C4CA4 00000063

Max Green Chu Jelly [Codejunkies]
003C4C83 0000004A
003C4CA5 00000063

Max Blue Chu Jelly [Codejunkies]
003C4C85 0000004B
003C4CA6 00000063

Max Joy Pendants [Codejunkies]
003C4C7F 0000001F
003C4CA7 00000063

Max Skull Necklaces [Codejunkies]
003C4C80 00000045
003C4CA8 00000063

Max Knight's Crest [Codejunkies]
003C4C81 00000048
003C4CA9 00000063

Max Boko Baba Seeds [Codejunkies]
003C4C82 00000046
003C4CAA 00000063

Max Golden Feathers [Codejunkies]
003C4C84 00000047
003C4CAB 00000063

Can Carry 99 Bombs [Codejunkies]
003C4C78 00000063

Infinite Arrows [Codejunkies]
003C4C71 00000063

Infinite Bombs [Codejunkies]
003C4C72 00000063

Have Fully Detailed Map [Codejunkies]
023C4D0C 00170303
003C4D3C 00000003

Have All Quest Maps [Codejunkies]
023C4CDC 0003FFFF

All Triforce Maps Translated [Codejunkies]
003C4D4D 000000FF

Fully Charged Master Sword [Codejunkies]
003C4C16 0000003E
003C4CBC 0000000F
Use only after getting the Master Sword

Have All Element Stones [Codejunkies]
003C4CC7 00000007
003C524A 00000040
Use only after reaching Dragon Roost Island

Have Complete Triforce [Codejunkies]
003C4CC6 000000FF
Use only after beating Tower Of The Gods
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