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The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past [JADE]

Button Activator [Clay10]

Walk On Water [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00002000
008B0485 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Hold Left

Invincibility [Anarion]
008B07A3 00000001

Cane of Bryna [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00000004
028B1076 00003100
008B07A3 00000001
E0000000 80008000
CC: Press Zright to use. You need the actual cane for the enemy attacking effect.

Cane of Somaria [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00000080
028B1074 00002C00
E0000000 80008000
CC: Press Zleft. You can only create blocks. You need the actual cane to break the block.

Instant Spin Attack [Anarion]
286E6E3A 000000C0
008B0485 00000003
008B0464 00000090
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Press Zleft&B to use.

Instant Spell Attacks [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00000082
008B0485 00000008
E0000000 80008000
286E6E3A 00000081
008B0485 00000009
E0000000 80008000
286E6E3A 00008080
008B0485 0000000A
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller-Press:
Dpad LEFT & Zleft - Aether Spell
Dpad UP & Zleft - Bombos Spell
Dpad RIGHT & Zleft - Quake Spell
Work without having any magic power!

Teleporter [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00002000
82200000 808B0448
82200001 808B0508
E0000000 80008000
286E6E3A 00000200
84200000 808B0448
84200001 808B0508
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Press L to save Link's current position. Press R to return Link to saved position.

Sleeping Link [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00000200
008B0485 00000016
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Press R
This sometimes also works as a moon jump. Use with caution. Link is levitated going right and may be placed out of bounds. Once out of bounds, you can't get back in.

Instant Invisibility [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00002080
008B047D 00000001
CC000000 00000000
008B047D 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Press Zleft&L to turn on&off.

Dark Rooms Always Lit [Anarion]
286E6E3A 00002000
008B0445 00000000
048B04C4 20408000
E0000000 80008000
ClassicController: Hold L

Max Rubies [GMO]
028BF788 0000E703

Invincible [GMO]
008B0747 00000034

1-Hit Kill (Enemies+Bosses) [GMO]
048B1278 00000000

Unlimited Health [GMO]
008BF794 000000A0
008BF795 000000A0

Unlimited Magic Meter [GMO]
008BF796 00000080

Unlimited Small Keys [GMO]
008BF797 00000009

Have Big Key [GMO]
008BF78F 00000040

Have Dungeon Map [GMO]
008BF791 00000040

Have All 3 Pendants [GMO]
008BF79C 00000007

Unlimited Arrows [GMO]
008BF79F 00000063

Have All Items & Weapons [GMO]
048BF768 04020132
048BF76C 02010101
048BF770 01010101
048BF774 03010102
048BF778 01010102
008BF781 00000004
028BF782 00000302
048BF784 06060605

Have Individual Items and Weapons

Have Bow and Silver Arrows [GMO]
008BF768 00000004

Have Boomerang [GMO]
008BF769 00000002

Have Hookshot [GMO]
008BF76A 00000001

Have Bombs [GMO]
008BF76B 00000032

Have Magic Powder [GMO]
008BF76C 00000002

Have FireRod [GMO]
008BF76D 00000001

Have IceRod [GMO]
008BF76E 00000001

Have Bombos [GMO]
008BF76F 00000001

Have Ether [GMO]
008BF770 00000001

Have Quake [GMO]
008BF771 00000001

Have Lamp [GMO]
008BF772 00000001

Have Magic Hammer [GMO]
008BF773 00000001

Have Flute [GMO]
008BF774 00000003

Have Bug-Catching Net [GMO]
008BF775 00000001

Have Book of Mudora [GMO]
008BF776 00000001

Have Cane of Somaria [GMO]
008BF778 00000001

Have Cane of Byrna [GMO]
008BF779 00000001

Have Magic Cape [GMO]
008BF77A 00000001

Have Magic Mirror [GMO]
008BF77B 00000002

Have Magic Sword Lvl.4 [GMO]
008BF781 00000004

Have Magic Shield Lvl.3 [GMO]
008BF782 00000003

Have Upgraded Tunic [GMO]
008BF783 00000002

Have Bottle 1 with Faerie [GMO]
008BF784 00000006

Have Bottle 2 with Faerie [GMO]
008BF785 00000006

Have Bottle 3 with Faerie [GMO]
008BF786 00000006

Have Bottle 4 with Cure-All Medicine [GMO]
008BF787 00000005
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