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Super Metriod [JAVE]

Select spawn area when on Zebes map [goemon_guy]
42000000 90000000
000BFDBA 00000000
000BFE4F 00000080
E0000000 80008000
Ported from Game Genie code

Unlimited Health [GMO]
028BC2EA 0000DB05
028BC2EC 0000DB05

Unlimited Missile [GMO]
008BC2EE 000000FF

Unlimited Super Missile [GMO]
008BC2F2 00000063

Have All Suits/MISC/Boots/Beams [GMO]
048BC2CC 2FF30B10
028BC2D0 00000F10

Button Activators

Button Activator (Classic Controller) [goemon_guy]
281962D8 0200XXXX

Area Codes

Choose Area to Begin in [goemon_guy]
008BC0C7 000000XX
XX can be:
00 = Crateria
01 = Brinstar
02 = Norfair
03 = Wrecked Ship
04 = Maridia
05 = Tourian
06 = Space Colony

Crateria Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9230 000000FF

Brinstar Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9231 000000FF

Norfair Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9232 000000FF

Wrecked Ship Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9233 000000FF

Maridia Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9234 000000FF

Tourian Mapped [goemon_guy]
008C9235 000000FF

Crateria Bosses Beaten [goemon_guy]
008C9150 00000001

Brinstar Bosses Beaten [goemon_guy]
008C9151 00000003

Norfair Bosses Beaten [goemon_guy]
008C9152 00000007

Wrecked Ship Bosses Beaten [goemon_guy]
008C9153 00000001

Maridia Bosses Beaten [goemon_guy]
008C9154 00000003

Use Hyper Beam [goemon_guy]
008BC39F 0000003C

Infinite Energy [farjo08]
82000000 808BC2EC
84000000 808BC2EA
82000001 808BC2ED
84000001 808BC2EB

Infinite Missles [farjo08]
82000002 808BC2F0
84000002 808BC2EE

Infinite Super Missles [farjo08]
82000003 808BC2F4
84000003 808BC2F2

Infinite Super Bombs [farjo08]
82000004 808DC2F8
84000004 808DC2F6
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