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Harvest Moon [JB3E]

Miscellaneous Codes

Unlimited Stamina [GMO]
0049D3C0 00000064

Unlimited Water (Watering Can) [GMO]
0049D3CE 00000014

1 Hit Wood & Rocks [GMO]
0049D415 00000005

Unlimited Wood/ Max Logs Collected [GMO]
024AE9B4 0000E703

Unlimited Grass Seeds [GMO]
0049D3CF 000000FF

Unlimited Corn Seeds [GMO]
0049D3D0 000000FF

Unlimited Tomato Seeds [GMO]
0049D3D1 000000FF

Unlimited Potato Seeds [GMO]
0049D3D2 000000FF

Unlimited Turnip Seeds [GMO]
0049D3D3 000000FF

Item 2 Modifier [GMO]
0049D3CB 000000??

Item Modifier Values

00 Nothing
01 Sickle
02 Hoe
03 Hammer
04 Axe
05 Corn Seed Bag
06 Tomato Seed Bag
07 Potato Seed Bag
08 Turnip Seed Bag
09 Cow Medicine
0A Cow Icon
0B Bell
0C Grass Seeds
0D Paint
0E Milker
0F Brush
10 Watering Can
11 Gold Sickle
12 Gold Hoe
13 Gold Hammer
14 Gold Axe
15 Sprinkler
16 Bean
17 Gem
18 Blue Feather
19 Chicken Feed
1A Cow Feed
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