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Street Fighter Alpha 2 [JDCE]

Button Activators

WiiMote Pad1 [GMO]
28174942 YYYYZZZZ

Classic Pad1 [GMO]

Miscellaneous Codes

Add Time Press Z-Right [GMO]
281749A2 FFFB0004
0044A12D 00000099
E0000000 80008000

Disable Timer [GMO]
0044A12E 00000020

Unlimited Continue Time [GMO]
0044A274 00000009

P1 Unlimited Health [GMO]
00448CEE 00000090
00448CF0 00000090

P1 Max Special [GMO]
00448D6E 00000090

CPU 1-Hit Kill (P2 Life Mod) [GMO]
00448F6E 00000000

P1 Play as Shin Akuma (ZL+Up) [GMO]
2815FDE2 00000081
0044A1D7 00000014
E0000000 80008000

P1 Play as Classic Chun Li (ZL+Down) [GMO]
2815FDE2 00004080
0044A1D7 00000012
E0000000 80008000

Character Shadow Trails Enabled [GMO]
0044869F 00000003
Original code by Hacc, Ported by Lee4

P1 Character Modifier [GMO]
0044A1D7 000000??

Character Values

00 Ryu
01 Adon
02 Chun Li
03 Guy
04 Ken
05 Dhalsim
06 Gen
07 Sakura
08 Rolento
09 Zangief
0A Charlie
0B Birdie
0C Rose
0D Katana
0E Sagat
0F Akuma
10 M.Bison
11 Dan
12 Classic Chun Li
14 Shin Akuma
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