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Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi [JDLE]

Miscellaneous Codes

Unlimited Health [GMO]
004498E0 000000FF

Unlimited Lives
00448E3A 0000000063

1Up Per Rebel Coin [GMO]
00448E42 00000063

1-Hit Kill (Bosses) [GMO]
084498E2 00000000
000E0001 00000000

Zer0 Scounts Needed (Speedster) [GMO]
00449731 00000000

Unlimited Thermal Detonators [GMO]
004497D2 00000001

Unlimited Spin (Chewie) [GMO]
00448E40 00000020

Unlimited Spin (Slave Leia) [GMO]
00448EB2 00000020

Unlimited Bombs (Han Solo) [GMO]
00448EB3 00000063

Unlimited Force (Luke Skywalker) [GMO]
00448EB4 000000FF

Unlimited Double Jumps (Luke/Leia) [GMO]
00449723 00000000

Character Modifier [GMO]
00448E20 000000??

Character Modifier Values

04 Luke Skywalker
06 Han Solo
08 Chewie
0A Wicket the Ewok
0C Leia (Slave)
0E Leia (Boushh)
10 Leia (Rebel)

Unlimited Lives
00448E3A 0000000063
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