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Mega Man X2 [JEHE]

Miscellaneous Codes

Refill Health+Ammo [GMO]
28245B8A 00000080
00518F67 00000020
0851A523 000000DC
00090002 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Press Z(Left) on Classic Controller

Invincible (Press - On/Off) [GMO]
28245B8A EFFF1000
CC000000 00000000
00518FAB 00000019
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller

Unlimited Lives [GMO]
0051A51B 00000009

Shoot 1 time for Instant Max Charge [GMO]
00518F97 000000C8

Have Shoryoken (Dragon Punch) [GMO]
0051A519 00000080

Have Armor Upgrades [GMO]
0051A538 000000FF

Have Health Upgrade [GMO]
0051A539 00000020

1-Hit Kill (Bosses) [GMO]
28245B8A 00000004
005192A7 00000001
005192E7 00000001
00519327 00000001
00519467 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Press Z(Right) on Classic Controller

Stage Modifier [GMO]
0051A515 000000XX
00 Intro stage
01 Morph Moth
02 Wire Sponge
03 Bubble Crab
04 Flame Stag
05 Magna Centipede
06 Crystal Snail
07 Overdrive Ostrich
08 Wheel Gator
09 X Hunter Stage 1
0A X Hunter Stage 2
0B X Hunter Stage 3
0C X Hunter Stage 4

Have Individual Items

Have Sub-Tank 1 [GMO]
0051A51E 00000080

Have Sub-Tank 2 [GMO]
0051A51F 00000080

Have Sub-Tank 3 [GMO]
0051A520 00000080

Have Sub-Tank 4 [GMO]
0051A521 00000080

Have Zer0's Legs [GMO]
0051A53E 00000080

Have Zer0's Head [GMO]
0051A53F 00000080

Have Zer0's Body [GMO]
0051A540 00000080

Individual Have/Unlimited Ammo

Crystal.H [GMO]
0051A523 000000DC

Bubble.S [GMO]
0051A525 000000DC

Silk.S [GMO]
0051A527 000000DC

S.Wheel [GMO]
0051A529 000000DC

S.Slicer [GMO]
0051A52B 000000DC

S.Chain [GMO]
0051A52D 000000DC

Magnet.M [GMO]
0051A52F 000000DC

S.Burner [GMO]
0051A531 000000DC

G.Crush [GMO]
0051A533 000000DC

L.Tracer [GMO]
0051A535 000000DC
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