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Sonic The Hedgehog [LAGJ]

Note [Mathew_Wi]
00000000 00000000
ZiT's codes don't seem to work for me.
So, if you have any problems with ZiT's codes, try these.
Also, 99 Rings is a bad idea, it makes the score count go on infinitely.

Infinite Time [Mathew_Wi]
00D52D2F 00000050
Works on bonus game as well.

99 Rings [Mathew_Wi]
00D52D0A 00000099
It's not recommended you use this.
It may cause the score count to glitch.

Infinite Lives [Mathew_Wi]
00D52CA6 00000009

No Sound Effects [Mathew_Wi]
04D53760 01000027

Moon Jump [Mathew_Wi]
28B8B88A FDFF0200
04D52E68 FF18201D
04D52E64 000080FC
E0000000 80008000
This code is very buggy, you move fairly slow while jumping.

Time Stop [ZiT]
00E53B10 00000000

Ring99 [ZiT]
00E53AEA 00000099

Infinite Lives [ZiT]
00E53A86 00000099

Moon Jump [ZiT]
281BCE42 FEFF0100
0 858 2E53ACE 00000740
E0000000 80008000
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