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Super Smash Bros. [NA9J]

0% P1 [hetoan2]
031C7D16 00000000

0% P2 [hetoan2]
031C7D8A 00000000

No % Increase [hetoan2]
04C6C5F4 60000000

1 Target Causes win [hetoan2]
2A1C6B8A 00000000
CC000000 00000000
01253F6C 00000001
E0000000 80008000

1 Platform Causes win [hetoan2]
2A1C6B8C 00000000
CC000000 00000000
01253F70 00000001
E0000000 80008000

Character Modifier P1 [hetoan2]
011C7CCB 000000XX

Character Modifier P2 [hetoan2]
011C7D3F 000000XX

Character Modifier P3 [hetoan2]
011C7DB3 000000XX

Character Modifier P4 [hetoan2]
011C7E27 000000XX

XX Values:
00 Mario
01 Fox
02 DK
03 Samus
04 Luigi
05 Link
06 Yoshi
07 C. Falcon
08 Kirby
09 Pikachu
0A Jigglypuff
0B Ness
0C Master Hand
0D Metal Mario
0E Polygon Mario
10 Polygon DK
13 Polygon Link
14 Polygon Yoshi
15 Polygon Samus
18 Polygon Kirby
1A Giant Donkey Kong

Plus and Minus to end game, otherwise freeze timer [hetoan2]
281C6B8A 10001400
CC000000 00000000
051C7CBC 00000000
281C6B8A 00001000
051C7CBC 00000001
E0000000 80008000

Score Modifier (Single Player) [hetoan2]
05257E58 0XXXXXXX

Character Modifier P1 (Single Player) [hetoan2]
011C7ADB 000000XX

P1 Computer controlled (Single Player) [hetoan2]
011C7ADA 00000001

Computer #2 character mod (Single Player) [hetoan2]
011C7B4F 000000XX

Infinite Lives In Single Player Mode [hetoan2]
011C7AE3 00000004

Safron City Pokemon are Crazy [hetoan2]
05253F7C 01000001

Level is... (single player) [hetoan2]
011C7A87 000000XX

XX values:

00 - Link on Hyrule (first in single player)
... - All values in between just go in the order of the stages
0D - Master Hand Battle
0E - Luigi Unlock Level
0F - Ness Unlock Level
10 - Jigglypuff Unlock Level
11 - Captain Falcon Unlock Level

Press Dpad down (classic controller) for Item [hetoan2]
281C6B8A 00004000
032AF9F2 00000001
E0000000 80008000

Stage Select is on X by default [hetoan2]
011C7AB1 000000XX
If XX = 08 then it will be over Mushroom Kingdom, even if you don't have it. For random XX = DE?

Menu Is XXXX [hetoan2]
031C7A70 0000XXXX
XXXX = 0004 or 0003 for debug menu. Too bad the game looks for n64 controllers which you don't have...
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