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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [NACA]

Time of Day Modifier v1 [Mathew_Wi]
48000000 81700040
DE000000 80008180
30000000 B347000C
D2000000 00000026
3F608000 3B7B1800
837B0000 3F804E41
3B9C4345 7C1BE000
41820028 3F804E41
3B9C4350 7C1BE000
4182002C 3F804E41
3B9C434A 7C1BE000
41820030 480000EC
3CA08000 3E00809F
62106BA8 82100000
4800002C 3CA0809F
3E00809F 62106D28
82100000 48000018
3CA0809F 3E00809F
62106A88 82100000
48000004 3E200008
3A310000 7C108800
41820038 3E200001
3A310000 7C108800
41820040 3E200002
3A310000 7C108800
4182004C 3E200004
3A310000 7C108800
41820058 4800006C
39404C00 91450090
3B400000 82050090
7F5A8214 48000054
3940115D 394A7FFF
91450090 3B400000
82050090 7F5A8214
48000038 39403100
394A7FFF 91450090
3B400000 82050090
7F5A8214 4800001C
39404001 394A7FFF
91450090 3B400000
82050090 7F5A8214
B347000C 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000012
3E008170 3A100040
BF300004 3F2080CA
3F4080FA 3B600002
3F80CFB1 3B9C4218
3FA00000 3FC00000
7C1DD800 41820018
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 3BBD0001
7C1EE000 4182002C
7C19D000 4080001C
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 4BFFFFDC
7E198378 48000008
3B39FFFC 93300000
BB300004 4E800020
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
There's a strange bug that causes the code not to work at night.
8c9 DPAD Up - Morning
DPAD Left - Afternoon
DPAD Right - Evening
DPAD Down - Night Time
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