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Star Fox 64 [NADE]

1st GC Controller- Buttor Activator [Anarion]

1st Classic Controller- Button Activator [Anarion]
*Add E0000000 80008000 at the very bottom of each code if a button activator is used.

Maximum Destroyed Enemies [Anarion]
0316B77A 000003E7

1HP Boss Health [Anarion]
01178E51 00000001
*Most bosses will be destroyed with 1 hit.

Maximum Game Score [Anarion]
X Values:
3B9AC9FF - 999999999 points. This is the highest visible number.
FFFFFFFF - highest amount possible.

Barrel Roll Shield [Anarion]
0114628F 00000001

All Range Mode [Anarion]
0114628F 00000002

Double Health Meter [Anarion]
0116B413 00000002

No Character Prompts [Anarion]
05181A18 00000000
05181A30 00000000
05181F7C 00000000
You can still hear the voices.

Bomb Explosion Diameter Modifier [Anarion]
X=size 45000000-4C000000 recommended.

Arwing&Landmaster Speed [Anarion]
09146180 XXXX0000
20012EE0 00000000
4220- default

Arwing&Landmaster Boost Speed [Anarion]
231461C0 00000000
091461C0 XXXX0000
20012EE0 00000000
E0000000 80008000
41F0- default

Charged A-Blast [Anarion]
011816AB 00000015
Replace 15 for never charged A.

0HP-StarWolf Team Health [Anarion]
0916E95F 00000000
000302F4 00000000

Instant Mission Accomplished [Anarion]
281EE6EA 00001000
0914627B 0000000X
00012EE0 00000000
E0000000 80008000
X: 6-instant finish || 7-normal finish|| 8-lightspeed finish
Press - to use, only once a mission has started.

Force Pause [Anarion]
281EE6EA 00001000
01181537 00000064
E0000000 80008000
Press -
Return to Title Screen Instantly [Anarion]
281EE6EA 00001000
01181517 00000002
0118157B 00000001
01182E0C 00000064
E0000000 80008000
03181698 00004334
031820F2 00000320
Press -

No Rob64 [Anarion]
0116B373 00000000

Planet Select [Anarion]
091D7637 0000000X
00010004 00000000
X Values:(Skip General Pepper's talk in the beginning by pressing START otherwise you will freeze)
0- meteo asteroid field
1- area 6
2- bolse satellite
3- sector z
4- sector x
5- sector y
6- katina
7- macbeth train
8- zoness
9- corneria
A- titania desert
B- aquas ocean
C- fortuna
D- venom
E- solar

Planets Visited [Anarion]
09181870 0000000X
00060004 00000000
planets played on timeline. Same values as above

Second Path [Anarion]
03181B62 000003E7

Invincibility [Anarion]
091462A4 00000000
20012EE0 00000000
091462D4 00000000
20012EE0 00000000
091462D0 00000000
20012EE0 00000000
09181A20 00000000
20010018 00000000

Infinite Health (Fox) [hawkeye2777]
051491F4 0000017F
05146314 0000017F

Infinite Health (Falco) [hawkeye2777]
05181594 000000FF

Infinite Health (Slippy) [hawkeye2777]
05181598 000000FF

Infinite Health (Peppy) [hawkeye2777]
0518159C 000000FF

Infinite Smart Bombs [hawkeye2777]
01181A83 00000009

Infinite Lives [hawkeye2777]
0116B781 00000063

Laser Mod [hawkeye2777]
0116B78B 0000000x
0 - Normal
1 - Twin
2 - Hyper

Infinite Boost [hawkeye2777]
0514924C 00000000
0514636C 00000000

Wings Never Break [hawkeye2777]
05181A08 0000003C
051819F0 0000003C
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