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Mario Story [NAEJ]

Infinite Health & Powerful Jump/Hammer [Mathew_Wi]
053251F0 02026363

Infinite FP [Mathew_Wi]
053251F4 63636363

Infinite BP & Level 99 [Mathew_Wi]
053251F8 636305D5

Infinite Coins & Star Pieces [Mathew_Wi]
053251FC 270F1163

Have Most Badges [Mathew_Wi]
053252A4 01210131
053252A8 01220132
053252AC 01230134
053252B0 01240135
053252B4 01250136
053252B8 01260138
053252BC 0127013A
053252C0 0129013C
053252C4 012A013E
053252C8 012B0140
053252CC 012D0143
053252D0 012E0144
053252D4 012F0145
053252D8 01500146
053252DC 01510148
053252E0 01000000

Have Awesome Items [Mathew_Wi]
053253B4 008E00B4
053253A4 00BC009A
If you buy or get an item, these items will be duplicated in their place.

Moon Jump (A) (GC Controller) [Mathew_Wi]
28A9BB60 FEFF0100
05324F98 4128F1FE
05324F9C C02F82D4
05324FA0 BE9B2AB0
05324FE8 00100000
E0000000 80008000

Quick Level Up & Partner Modifier [Mathew_Wi]
05325200 6300XXDC
Change XX to:
00 - None
01 - Goombario
02 - Kooper
03 - Bombette
04- Parakarry
05 - Go 949 ombario's Grandfather
06 - Watt
07 - Sushie
08 - Lakilester
09 - Lady Bow
0A - Goombario's Sister
0B - Twink
Walk through a door on save load to take effect.
Thanks to matt123337 for the XX values.
If you start a new game, it will freeze.
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