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Paper Mario 64 [NAEP]

100 SP (star points) [12201]
01323E00 00000064

BP 99 [12201]
01323DF8 00000063

999 Coins [ssbbdude]
05323DFC 03E70015
Matt123337 Original

Infinite Health [ssbbdude]
05323DF0 02026 baf 363
Matt123337 Original

Infinite FP [ssbbdude]
05323DF4 2D636323
Matt123337 Original

Infinite Star Power [ssbbdude]
05324080 07000126

Star Pieces and Partner X [ssbbdude]
05323E00 00000X38

X Values:

0 No partner
1 Goomba (Boy)
2 Koopa
3 Bombette
4 Flying Koopa
5 Goomba Old (Man)
6 Watt
7 Fish
8 Lakitu
9 Boo
A Goomba (Girl)
B Star
C Somthing Strange Happens

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