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Wave Race 64 [NAIE]

Max. Stunt Points [Anarion]
092E8610 0001869F
20030004 00000000

No Timeout&Retire [Anarion]
04C152B0 60000000
04FEB1E0 60000000
04BA777C 60000000
04C15384 60000000

Speed Modifier [Anarion]
2D2B9126 0000ZZZZ
052B9168 XXXX0000
E0000000 80008000
Z-CCP button
X-speed. Less than 4000 recommended

P1 Unlimited Misses [Sharkbyte]
012E89AF 00000000

P1 Maximum Power [Sharkbyte]
012E89A7 00000005

Always Place 1st [Sharkbyte]
012E887F 00000000

99 Points [Sharkbyte]
012F1283 00000063

Press Down to add time in Stunt Mode (Gamecube) [Sharkbyte]
28A9BD00 FFFB0004
032E8B3E 00003A98
E0000000 80008000

P1 Press Down to add time Out of Course (Gamecube) [Sharkbyte]
28A9BD00 FFFB0004
012E8B63 00000076
E0000000 80008000

P2 Maximum Power [Sharkbyte]
032E8D1E 00000005
P2 Maximum Power doesn't work with 99 points code on

P2 Unlimited Misses [Sharkbyte]
032E8D26 00000000

P2 Press Down to add 8e6 time out of Course (Gamecube) [Sharkbyte]
28A9BD0C FFFB0004
012E8EDB 00000076
E0000000 80008000
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