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Super Smash Bros [NALP]

Unlock All Characters [GMO]
031D1AD8 00000FF0

Unlock Mushroom Kingdom Stage [GMO]
011D1AD7 000000FF

Start Against Master Hand (1P Mode) [GMO]
011D1C87 0000000D

Unlimited Time (1P Mode) [GMO]
031D1CCE 00004650

P1 Unlimited Lives (1P Mode) [GMO]
011D1CE3 00000004

P1 0% Power (1P Mode) [GMO]
011D1D27 00000000
Full Power Bonus is awarded at end of match

Need One Kill in Team Battle (1P Mode) [GMO]
012C0141 00000001
012C0A68 00000001

1 Target to Win [GMO]
2A25E59C 0000000A
0125E59C 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Thanks to retroben for the initial port

1 Platform to Win [GMO]
2A25E5A0 0000000A
0125E5A0 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Thanks to retroben for the initial port

Unlimited Double Jumps (All Players) [GMO]
0126D06B 00240000
Ported By retroben

Hit Anywhere (All Modes Except Training) [GMO]
01211ED1 00000024
01211F9D 00000024
01211FE1 00000024
Ported By retroben

Infinite Raygun Ammo (All Players) [GMO]
032A2C9E 000003E7
Works on All Modes, Ported By retroben

Debug Menu [GMO]
031D1C6F 000000??
03 - normal debug (Press Start for Control Menu)
04 - Debug match Mode (Can Play as any Character including Master Hand on any level)
Ported By retroben

P1 Invincible (All Levels/Modes) [GMO]
05215C60 0C000018
0512D200 8FA5001C
0512D204 3C018013
0512D208 8C210D84
0512D20C 24040003
0512D210 50A10001
0512D214 ACA405AC
0512D218 03E00008
0512D21C 24000000
Ported By retroben
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