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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask [NARE]

TLoZ: Link's Mask [Anarion]
C20498E4 00000007
9421FFF0 91610008
A1FC0002 2C0F6BB0
4082000C 3A0039A0
B21C0002 2C0F39A0
41820004 81610008
38210010 807C0000
60000000 00000000
48000000 811164A0
DE000000 80008180
30F1D240 3F800000
10F1D40C 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Skullkid wears an unused beta Link mask instead of Majora's Mask.

Song of Time & Soaring Work Everywhere [Anarion]
0131A8FB 00000000
0531A8FC 00000000

Soar To Any Location Instantly [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00001000
0131C475 00000014
0331C37A 0000XXXX
E0000000 80008000
CCP: Press -
X= Load point.
Send me a message to provide you with the full list of load points.

Link- Tunic Color Modifier v2 [Anarion]
82200009 XXXXXXFF
48000000 8131D0D4
DE000000 80008180
30F0A288 FA0000FF
92210009 00F0A28C
92210009 00F0A7B4
92210009 00F0ACBC
92210009 00F0AE94
92210009 00F0AF54
92210009 00F0B55C
92210009 00F0B9D4
92210009 00F0BC0C
92210009 00F0C0DC
E0000000 80008000
This will only modify Link's tunic color. Code below modifies color of water and a few other things. X values b 2598 elow.

Link- Tunic Color Modifier [Anarion]
C206EB28 00000005
3E40FA00 625200FF
7C12F800 40820010
93DC0004 83DC0004
60000000 00000000
1E691B -Default Green
000000 -Black
X COLOR VALUES FOR CODES ABOVE @ www.2createawebsite.com/images/hex-co1.gif
or generate your color of choice @ www.2createawebsite.com/build/hex-colors.html#colorgenerator
Z=Transparency. Use FF for bold, use 00 for transparent.

Load Song with Ocarina [Anarion]
04A07B98 39E000XX
When you play any of the ocarina songs, any game song will be played. Send me a message to provide you with the full list of songs.

Remove Main Music Track [Anarion]
0519B848 00000000
0519B938 00000000

Mute Link's Footsteps [Anarion]
0111CCA0 0000000F

Mute Enemies [Anarion]
0111CCA3 0000000F

Mute Tatl [Anarion]
0111CCA2 0000000F

Rainbow World [Anarion]
0531AC2C 00000000
0131AC3A 00000000

Sky Modifier [Anarion]
0531AC18 000Z0YXX
Z: 1=gloomiest sky, 0=normal sky, no gloom
Y: 1=No visible sun, 0=visible sun
XX: Sky Status
Any value from 0 to 1F works
0F= Clear Blue Sky
18= Starry night
If gloom is used, XX effect will not be visible.

Clearest Sky [Anarion]
0131AC1D 0000000X
1=Clearest sky
0=normal sky
If this code is used, above code will not have a visible effect.

No Water Animation [Anarion]
0531C440 00000000

Remote Explosives [Anarion]
48000000 813058D8
DE000000 80008180
14F1D228 010100FF
12F1D2D0 000000FF
281BCB8A 00000001
14F1D228 00000000
12F1D2D0 00000000
E0000000 80008000
CCP: Lightly press DPad UP to detonate bombs, bombchus & powder kegs on command!
Then wait few seconds to hold DPad UP for reset.

Bombchu Speed Modifier [Anarion]
48000000 813058D8
DE000000 80008180
12F1D25C 0000XXXX
E0000000 80008000
4100 -default bombchu speed
Higher than 4100=faster speed, lower than 4100=slower speed

Open All Doors [Anarion]

Open Certain Paths [Anarion]
like Milk Road, never blocked by boulder

Mute Link [Anarion]
0111CCA6 00000001
No grunts

No Underwater Timer [Anarion]
04DD520C 60000000

No Camera Letterbox [Anarion]
051106B4 447A0000
no letterbox before new day starts

Modify Stone Tower [Anarion]
01305A59 000000XX
X: FF- upside down tower || 00- right side up

Link Moveset Modifier [Anarion]
0131CFDB 0000000X
X Values
0- Fierce Deity (caution when using)
1- Goron
2- Zora
3- Deku
4- Link
5- Giant
Caution when using this code! It has a 50% chance of freezing.

Zora Shield [Anarion]
0131D9F3 000000FF
Does not use magic. Works on all Links. Remains infinite.

Transition Modifier [Anarion]
011106A5 000000XX
X Values
0- Circle from Center transition
1- Triforce transition
3- Fade in from White
4- Fade in from Black
6- Slow Fade in from Black
7- Slow Fade in from White
F- Haunted Wasteland transition

Infinite Spin Attacks [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00001080
04ADCFCC 60000000
CC000000 00000000
04ADCFCC 90A70000
E0000000 80008000
Spin attack ring remains infinite. Creates a damaging shield around Link.
CCP: Press Zl & - to turn on/off

Rabid Swordsman [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00003000
CC000000 00000000
0531D0E0 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Only useful for spin attacks since normal slashes don't register impact.
CCP: Press L & - to turn on&off.

Termina Lands Cleansed [Anarion]
Instant boss defeat to clean lands.

Spin Attack Learned [Anarion]
0110D65F 00000002

Instant Spin Attack Charge [Anarion]
0531D998 3F800000

Extended Magic Meter [Anarion]
0110C791 00000001

Doubled Strength [Anarion]
0110C823 00000014
Gives the white border around hearts to make enemies do half damage.

Hide HUD [Anarion]
0931A84C 00000000
20040004 00000000

No Blocking Guards [Anarion]
0110D654 000000FF
will still block deku link

No Goron Blocking Snowhead [Anarion]
0110D666 000000FF

Link- Voice Modifier [Anarion]
0331D8FA 0000XXXX
X Values:
8EC8 -Adult Link (Fierce Deity)
9238 -Young Link
915C -Deku Link
8FA4 -Goron Link
9080 -Zora Link

Ocarina Sound Modifier [Anarion]
010F4098 000000XX
X Values:
00 - no sound
01 - Ocarina
02 - Malon/Romani's voice
03 - Impa's Whistle
04 - Sheik's Harp
05 - Igos Du Ikana
06 - Tatl's Chime
07 - Goron Link Drums
08 - Zora Link Guitar (clean)
09 - Deku Link Pipes
0A - Monkey Voice
0B - Deku Link Pipes (soft)
0C - Goron Father's Drum
0D - Indigo Gos Evan's Piano
0E - Indigo Gos Japas' Bass
0F - Baby Goron's Voice
10 - Zora Link Guitar (distorted)

Play Ocarina Without Taking It Out [Anarion]
281C7F2A 00000001
CC000000 00000000
010F4094 00000001
010F4098 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: D-Pad UP to turn on/off

Instant Shield Modifier [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000001
0131CFD4 00000001
CC000000 00000000
0131CFD4 00000002
E0000000 80008000
Press UP to change shields.

Flow of Time Modifier [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000084
0329F5E2 0000XXXX
CC000000 00000000
032 1578 9F5E2 0000XXXX
E0000000 80008000
CCP: Press both Z buttons
Values 0001-7FFF = Forward Time Flow (time flows clockwise)
Values 8000-FFFF = Reverse Time Flow (time flows counterclockwise)
X= flow of time
0000 - stops time countdown+removes timer
0001 - slowest forward flow
0002 - 1/2 default flow (Inverted Song of Time flow)
0003 - default flow of time
0004 - 2x default flow (Double Time flow)
FFFF - slowest backward flow
FFFE - 1/2 default backward flow (Inverted Song of Time flow)
FFFD - default backward flow of time
FFFC - 2x default backward flow (Double Time flow)

Teleporter [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000082
92210000 0131CEB4
92210001 0131CEB8
92210002 0131CEBC
E0000000 80008000
281BCB8A 00008080
94210000 0131CEB4
94210001 0131CEB8
94210002 0131CEBC
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller:
Press Zleft&D-Pad LEFT to save current position.
Press Zleft&D-Pad RIGHT to return to saved position.

Epona- Teleporter [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00004000
92210003 01336D74
92210004 01336D78
92210005 01336D7C
E0000000 80008000
281BCB8A 00000001
94210003 01336D74
94210004 01336D78
94210005 01336D7C
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller:
Press D-Pad DOWN to save current position.
Press D-Pad UP to return to saved position.

Epona- Moon Jump [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000001
05336DB8 42200000
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: D-Pad UP

Epona- Speed Modifier [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000080
05336DC0 4YX00000
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller- Hold Zleft
Y Values : (cannot control horse with values 3-F)
* These values are all warps where F is the furthest warp that will instantaneously place you facing a wall and 3 is the shortest warp.
2~ - fastest running speed, cannot turn with this value
*~ If using values with these symbols, use 0 as your X value!
1 - value I recommend using to have control of the horse.
X Values : (I recommend 5-7 since you will be able to turn)
X can be anything from 0 to F. How to have control:
The higher the X value goes, the more you will not be able to make smooth turns. Also, if you hold the control stick, the horse will turn left.
To control properly, do not hold the control stick. Only move it left and right when you want to make a turn.

Epona- Infinite Carrots [Anarion]
05336F84 06000000
When a carrot is used, the horse will remain at its increased speed.

Flow of Time Modifier 2 [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000084
CC000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
CCP: Press both Z buttons
Same thing as code above. Difference being this can't rewind time.
FFFFFFFE - Inverted Song of Time flow
00000000 - Normal/Default time flow

All Owl Statues Activated [Anarion]

Full Termina Map [Anarion]
0310D6B2 0000FFFF
0310D6AE 0000FFFF
20020004 00000000

Have Magic Meter [Anarion]
0110C790 00000001

No Magic Usage [Anarion]
03110678 00000000
Certain things that use magic will not diminish the meter.

Infinite Blue Magic Meter [Anarion]
0110D656 000000FF
~code also activates the Ikana Canyon Music Box house.

Load Lens of Truth Effect [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00008000
013058A3 00000001
CC000000 00000000
013058A3 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Won't need Lens of Truth item with this. Won't use magic power.
Classic Controller: D-Pad RIGHT to turn on & off.

Never Get Jinxed [Anarion]
0310D766 00000000

Remove Black Bars When Targeting [Anarion]
05113C20 00000000

Infinite Health [Anarion]
0310C786 00000F 2038 FF

Heart Meter Modifier [Anarion]
0310C784 00000XX0
X= # of hearts in your meter
14= 20hearts || 28= maximum hearts

Skulltula House Completion- Southern Swamp [Anarion]
0110D611 00000032

Skulltula House Completion- Great Bay [Anarion]
0110D613 00000032
For the two codes above, kill one skulltula and get the token to complete.

Infinite Magic [Anarion]
0310C788 00000160

Infinite Rupees [Anarion]
0310C78A 000003E7
Large wallet not needed with this code. Your rupees will be 999. 999 rupees will show as 99 unless you have an adult/giant wallet.

No Rupee Loss [Anarion]
04DD3AFC 60000000
on spending

"Spending" Increases Rupees [Anarion]
04DD3AEC 3AAE0001
As long as you have enough rupees to spend, instead of spending you will gain that amount.

Endless Storm [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000001
0531ACF8 0000XX00
0531ACF4 000000ZZ
E0000000 80008000
281BCB8A 00000002
0531ACF8 00000000
0531ACF4 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Activate D-Pad UP || Deactivate D-Pad LEFT
X Values= Storm Effect?: 3C= default value || FF= highest value
Z Values= Amount of rain: 24= highest game default || FF= highest amount possible

Active File Name Changer [Anarion]

File1 Name Changer [Anarion]
05328014 SSTTUUVV
05328018 WWXXYYZZ

File2 Name Changer [Anarion]
05328020 WWXXYYZZ
Character Values For Codes Above:
0A - A
0B - B
0C - C
0D - D
0E - E
0F - F
10 - G
11 - H
12 - I
13 - J
14 - K
15 - L
16 - M
17 - N
18 - O
19 - P
1A - Q
1B - R
1C - S
1D - T
1E - U
1F - V
20 - W

21 - X
22 - Y
23 - Z
24 - a
25 - b
26 - c
27 - d
28 - e
29 - f
2A - g
2B - h
2C - i
2D - j
2E - k
2F - l
30 - m
31 - n
32 - o
33 - p
34 - q
35 - r
36 - s
37 - t
38 - u
39 - v
3A - w
3B - x
3C - y
3D - z
00 - 0
01 - 1
02 - 2
03 - 3
04 - 4
05 - 5
06 - 6
07 - 7
08 - 8
09 - 9
40 - period
3F - dash
3E - space

Viewing Zoom Modifier [Anarion]
281BCB8A 00000004
0131D935 00000001
CC000000 00000000
05303F1C 42700000
0131D935 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Classic Controller: Press Zright to turn on&off.
X Values:
00000000 - maximum zoom
the smaller the value used, the greater the zoom will be.
the larger the value used, the smaller the zoom will be.

No Area Name Title [Anarion]
04DD0260 60000000

1-Handed Fierce Deity Sword [Anarion]
2131CFD8 50000600
0131FCDF 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2131CFD8 10010604
0131FCDF 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Hold sword with 1 hand. also works on Great Fairy's sword

No Blur [Anarion]
01113EDD 00000000
010DDFA5 00000000

Ocarina Songs Load Game Music [Anarion]
0111D42B 000000XX
When you play any of the ocarina songs, any game song will be played. Send me a message to provide you with the full list of songs.

Use Items Anywhere [Anarion]
0131A8F7 00000000
Additional line to be used with Hetoan2's "Any Item Can Be Used Anywhere"

Music and sfx play backwards [CosmoCortney]
051205D4 C0100000

No Textures [CosmoCortney]
041FCBD8 00000000

Link does not do any movement while standing still [CosmoCortney]
0531D0F8 40204020

Character Codes

No Real Bombchus [Anarion]
2934365E 00000061
053436D0 0000FFFF
053439A0 0000FFFF
05344A80 0000FFFF
05343C70 0000FFFF
053444E0 0000FFFF
05344210 0000FFFF
053447B0 0000FFFF
05343F40 0000FFFF
05344D50 0000FFFF
E0000000 80008000
2935D74E 00000061
0535D7C0 0000FFFF
0535DD60 0000FFFF
0535DA90 0000FFFF
E0000000 80008000

No Moon [Anarion]
48000000 8144A98C
DE000000 80008180
14F1C334 00000000
E0000000 80008000
48000000 810CF040
DE000000 80008180
14F20204 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2132D290 017C0700
0532D294 00000000
E0000000 80008000
21336EE0 017C0700
05336EE4 00000000
E0000000 80008000
21337140 017C0700
05337144 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2138D9D0 017C0700
0538D9D4 00000000
E0000000 80008000
When using this code, you will not be able to travel to the moon. Instead, when calling the giants, you will spawn outside West Clock Town and when you load a new area, the day will be back at 1.

SkullKid- Size Modifier [Anarion]
48000000 811164A0
DE000000 80008180
30F1D240 3F800000
20020004 00000000
E0000000 80008000

HappyMask Salesman- Size Modifier [Anarion]
48000000 810CF760
DE000000 80008180
20020004 00000000
E0000000 80008000
X-3C23D70A -default size

ClockTown Dog Size Modifier [Anarion]
21349DC4 8042A5D8
20020004 00000000
E0000000 80008000
X=Size: Default=3BF5C28F

Tatl- Size Modifier [Anarion]
48000000 810CC2C0
DE000000 80008180
20020004 00000000
E0000000 80008000
X Values:
00000000 - smallest tatl size
3C03126F - default tatl size
3E000000 - largest visible size

No ClockTown Dog [Anarion]
21349DC4 8042A5D8
05349CF8 45000000
E0000000 80008000

Tatl Hides [Anarion]
48000000 810CC2C0
DE000000 80008180
12F21E9C 00000000
E0000000 80008000

No Tatl [Anarion]
48000000 810CC2C0
DE000000 80008180
14F21CA8 45000000
E0000000 80008000
You can still Z/L-target

Tatl Movement Speed [Anarion]
48000000 810CC2C0
DE000000 80008180
12F21E90 0000XXXX
E0000000 80008000

Tatl Color Modifier [Anarion]
48000000 810CC2C0
DE000000 80008180
12F21E1C 0000XXXX
12F21E20 0000YYYY
12F21E24 0000ZZZZ
12F21E28 0000TTTT
12F21E2C 0000xxxx
12F21E30 0000yyyy
12F21E34 0000zzzz
E0000000 80008000
XYZ=Color Values for fairy body
xyz=Color values for fairy glow
WHITE(default): X=437F||Y=437F||Z=4366||T=437F||x=435C||y=4320||z=42A0
BLUE: X=4316||Y=4316||Z=437F||T=437F||x=4316||y=4316||z=437F
GREEN: X=0000||Y=437F||Z=0000||T=437F||x=0000||y=437F||z=0000
YELLOW: X=437F||Y=437F||Z=0000||T=437F||x=4348||y=431B||z=0000
RED: X=437F||Y=0000||Z=0000||T=437F||x=4348||y=42A0||z=42A0
BLACK: Use FFFF for XYZ&xyz. Use 437F for T.

Side-Quest Codes

Ocarina Retrieval Quest Completion [Anarion]
The very first quest of the game.

Kafei&Anju Quest Completion [Anarion]
Since this code sets the completion to 100%, you will ONLY see both of them in Anju's room on the 3rd day, and anyone else involved in this quest where they would be on the 3rd day.

Instant day change [ukuneko]
C2B2F6A4 00000013
3F8080F2 A2BCB5B0
61573FC0 2C150061
4082000C 3A600000
4800005C 2C150068
4082000C 3A600001
4800004C 2C150062
4082000C 3A600002
4800003C 2C150064
4082000C 3A600004
4800002C 6157BFC0
615A4000 2C150102
40820024 7C19D000
4180001C 615AC000
7C19D000 41810010
48000008 9A67001B
7EF9BB78 B327000C
3FC080B2 63DEF6A8
7FC903A6 4E800420
60000000 00000000
***GCN Controller
Go to 1st AM6 ***Pressing/Holding L&R +(D-pad)Left
Go to 2nd AM6 ***Pressing/Holding L&R +(D-pad)Up
Go to Final AM6 ***Pressing/Holding L&R +(D-pad)Right
Go to New ***Pressing/Holding L&R +(D-pad)Down
(The taken item doesn't disappear even if the day goes back.)
Go to PM6 ***Pressing/Holding A +(D-pad)Right
(This code works between from AM6 to PM6.)

Link Size Modifier [Mathew_Wi]
28F1B5B0 FFF70008
0531CEE8 3CF3D70A
0531CEEC 3CF3D70A
0531CEF0 3CF3D70A
E0000000 80008000
28F1B5B0 FFFE0001
0531CEE8 3C23D70A
0531CEEC 3C23D70A
0531CEF0 3C23D70A
E0000000 80008000
28F1B5B0 FFFB0004
0531CEE8 3B23D70A
0531CEEC 3B23D70A
0531CEF0 3B23D70A
E0000000 80008000
Gamecube controller:
Up for large.
Left for normal.
Down for small.

Super Speed [Mathew_Wi]
22F1B560 00000000
0531D960 41FF0000
E0000000 80008000

Max Items [Mathew_Wi]
0510C7F0 001E0000
0110C7F9 00000063
0110C7F8 00000063
0110C7FA 00000063
0110C7FC 00000063
0110C7F7 00000063
0110C7F6 00000063
99 of all items but arrows

Moon Jump (DPAD UP) (GC Controller) (hetoan2) [Mathew_Wi]
28F1B5B0 FFF70008
0331CEF8 000040CB
E0000000 80008000
This is hetoan2's code with a different activator.
Useful for code downloaders on Wii.

Instant Spike/No Magic Goron Spin [James0x57]
2731D974 00000034
0531D974 00000034
20E3A8DD 8B67F6A9
04E3A8DC 3B600030
04E3C554 3A600030
04B1E2AC 60000000
04B1DFE0 60000000
E2000001 80008000

Can throw infinite bombs [James0x57]
013058D7 00000000

Chaos Control Code [James0x57]
48000000 80003A00
DE000000 80008180
3000000C 7E75A038
281BCB8A 9FFF4000
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFBB0004
14000000 3A800080
140560C8 48000008
04003A20 04071987
281BCB8B FFFE0001
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFF70008
14000000 82870A6C
140560C8 7C0C5000
E2000001 00000000
66000013 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000011
3E008000 3A103A00
BF300004 3F208090
3F4080C0 3B60000B
3F807F66 3B9C43A0
3FA00000 3FC00000
7C1DD800 41820018
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 3BBD0001
7C1EE000 4182002C
7C19D000 4080001C
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 4BFFFFDC
7E198378 48000008
3B39FFFC 93300000
BB300004 4E800020
E0000000 80008000
Press Down on the Dpad (GCN or Classic) to stop everything and walk in frozen time. Press Up to return.
Almost nothing moves; flames, dogs bombs you throw, it all stops in time.
It also removes collisions with most objects/enimies. You can walk right through their frozen bodies and take off.
"Currently" you cannot ride epona (she stops too) and you cannot hit/kill enimies.

Center Camera Hack [James0x57]
48000000 81700020
DE000000 80008180
30000000 7CEF4214
14000004 60000000
2131D8FC 00018000
14000004 81870A6C
E2000001 00000000
66000013 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000011
3E008170 3A100020
BF300004 3F2080B0
3F4080D8 3B600009
3F803BE0 3B9C1089
3FA00000 3FC00000
7C1DD800 41820018
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 3BBD0001
7C1EE000 4182002C
7C19D000 4080001C
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 4BFFFFDC
7E198378 48000008
3B39FFFC 93300000
BB300004 4E800020
E0000000 80008000
28F1B5B0 00000040
66000001 00000000
281BCB8B 00002000
C0000000 00000007
3E008170 BF300004
3F208130 3B393E64
3F608132 3B7BD964
A39B0000 B39B0002
9399005C 3B9C8000
B3990002 BB300004
4E800020 00000000
E2000001 00000000
Pressing/Holding L (GCN or Classic) to center the camera doesn't stop your normal movement.
It, IMO, significantly improves the camera control.
The code has no effect if you're actually targeting something rather than just trying to center the camera.

Drop thro 2598 ugh floor [James0x57]
2931D8FC 00FF8000
0131D8FC 00000000
28F1B5E3 00000100
0131D8FC 00000080
E0000000 80008000
Press '2' on the Wii Remote to drop through a floor. If you fall out of bounds you often get placed into the Mayor's House.

Mini Game Timer Pause [James0x57]
4A000000 81110520
3C000004 00FF0200
10000004 00000003
5A010000 00000020
6600000A 00000000
3C000001 FF000002
10000001 00000003
5A010000 00000008
66000006 00000000
3C000003 FF000002
10000003 00000003
5A010000 00000018
66000002 00000000
E2000001 00000000
6600000C 00000000
92210001 00000014
20003A20 00000000
86000001 FFFFFFFB
E2000001 00000000
94210001 0000004C
3400004C 00057E3F
66000001 00000000
3600004D 00000001
14000014 00000000
1400004C 00000000
05110520 00000000
05110524 00000000
E0000000 80008000
281BCB8A 9FFF6000
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFBB0044
04003A20 04071987
281BCB8B DFFE2001
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFB70048
04003A20 00000000
E2000001 00000000
L+Down to stop timer, L+Up to resume timer. (GCN and clasic)
Works on Treasure Shop, Honey & Darling Shop, The 5 Min Timer with SkullKid ontop the clocktower, and the Clocktown Shooting Gallery.
It works on the Swap Shooting Gallery too but the mini game continues even though the timer has stopped.
I don't know of any other timers. If you find one it doesn't work for, let me know and I'll add it.

Fast Forward and Rewind time [James0x57]
82110000 0110C75C
281BCB8A 7FFF8000
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFFD0002
86000000 0000000F
281BCB8B FFFD0002
66000001 00000000
28F1B5B1 FFFE0001
86000000 FFFFFFF0
E2000001 00000000
84110000 0110C75C
Left on the dpad to rewind, right to fast forward.
(GCN and Clasic) Do not rewind to the previous day.

Have all Masks [James0x57]
0710C7D8 00000018
3E384745 40323A46
39424833 3C3D373F
36344341 3B444935
Ported + Values from Codejunkies.com

Have 5000 Rupees in the bank [James0x57]
0510D62C 00001388
Doesn't allow you to get the heart piece or wallet.

Have Map/Compass/Big Key [James0x57]
0510C810 07070707
Original By Codejunkies.com, ported by James0x57

Infinite Small Keys [James0x57]
0110C81A 00030009
Original By Codejunkies.com, ported by James0x57

Have All Stray Fairies [James0x57]
0510C824 0F0F0F0F
Original By Codejunkies.com, ported by James0x57

Button Activator(Wired + Wavebird Gamecube Controllers) [REDSOXROX]
Add this in front of a code after adding a button value to make the code activate when you press that/those buttons. Example: Press L to activate following code: 28F1B5B0 00000040/Press only L and no other buttons: 28F1B5B0 FFBF0040 EX.hetoan2's moonjump (Press L) code becomes: 28F1B5B0 00000040 0331CEF8 000040CB E0000000 80008000 for GC. NOTE: Thank you to TwilightErik for telling me this button activator also works with wireless Gamecube controllers!

Have Mirror Shield [hetoan2]
0110C7BD 00000021

Infinite Bombs and Bombchus [hetoan2]
0110C7F6 00010028

Infinite Deku Items and Magic Beans [hetoan2]
0510C7F8 0A146300

Infinite Powder Kegs [hetoan2]
0110C7FC 00000001

Collect Menu Full [hetoan2]
0310C80A 0000201B
0510C80E 000DF7CF

Have Ocarina [hetoan2]
0110C7C0 00000000

Have Bombs [hetoan2]
0110C7C6 00000006

Have Bombchus [hetoan2]
0110C7C7 00000007

Have Deku Sticks [hetoan2]
0110C7C8 00000008

Have Deku Seeds [hetoan2]
0110C7C9 00000009

Have Magic Beans [hetoan2]
0110C7CA 0000000A

Have Powdered Keg [hetoan2]
0110C7CC 0000000C

Have Pictobox [hetoan2]
0110C7CD 0000000D

Have Lens of Truth [hetoan2]
0110C7CE 0000000E

Have Hookshot [hetoan2]
0110C7CF 0000000F

Have Great Fairy Sword [hetoan2]
0110C7D0 00000010

Event Item Slot 1 Modifier [hetoan2]
0110C7C5 000000XX

Event Item Slot 2 Modifier [hetoan2]
0110C7CB 000000XX

Event Item Slot 3 Modifier [hetoan2]
0110C7D1 000000XX

Have Arrows [hetoan2]
0110C7C1 00000001

Have Fire Arrows [hetoan2]
0110C7C2 00000002

Have Ice Arrows [hetoan2]
0110C7C3 00000003

Have Light Arrows [hetoan2]
0110C7C4 00000004

6x Chateau Romani [hetoan2]
0110C7D2 00050025

Day Modifier [hetoan2]
0110C76B 0000000X
X can be 1 - 4, where 4 is a new day (no people in town, used in end of game) and 1 is day 1.

Have Postman's Hat [hetoan2]
0110C7D8 0000003E

All Night Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7D9 00000038

Blast Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DA 00000047

Stone Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DB 00000045

Great Fairy Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DC 00000040

Keaton Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DE 0000003A

Bremen Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DF 00000046

Bunny Hood [hetoan2]
0110C7E0 00000039

Don Gero's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E1 00000042

Mask of Scents [hetoan2]
0110C7E2 0000 1018 0048

Romani's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E4 0000003C

Circus Leader's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E5 0000003D

Kafei's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E6 00000037

Couple's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E7 0000003F

Mask of Truth [hetoan2]
0110C7E8 00000036

Kamaro's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7EA 00000043

Gibdo Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7EB 00000041

Garo's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7EC 0000003B

Captain's Hat [hetoan2]
0110C7ED 00000044

Giant's Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7EE 00000049

Have Deku Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7DD 00000032

Have Goron Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E3 00000033

Have Zora Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7E9 00000034

Have Fierce Diety Mask [hetoan2]
0110C7EF 00000035

Any Item can be used anywhere [hetoan2]
05110668 00000000

Have Mirror Shield [hetoan2]
0110C7BD 00000021

Infinite Bombs and Bombchus [hetoan2]
0110C7F6 00010028

Infinite Deku Items and Magic Beans [hetoan2]
0510C7F8 0A146300

Infinite Powder Kegs [hetoan2]
0110C7FC 00000001

Collect Menu Full [hetoan2]
0310C80A 0000201B
0510C80E 000DF7CF

Have Ocarina

Great Fairy Sword on B button [hetoan2]
0110C79C 00000050

Hour Modifier [hetoan2]
0310C75C 0000XXXX

Time Freezer (L button classic controller) [hetoan2]
281BCB8A 00002000
04B2F6B0 60000000
281BCB8A 20000000
04B2F6B0 A3470032
E0000000 80008000

Link Is... [hetoan2]
0110C770 0000000X
X values:
0 - fierce deity
1 - deku
2 - goron
3 - zora

Moon Jump (press L, classic only) [hetoan2]
281BCB8A 00002000
0331C 1187 EF8 000040CB
E0000000 80008000

Level Modifier Beta [hetoan2]
0110C752 000000XX

Universal Codes (any/all regions)

Walk Through Walls [Mathew_Wi]
48000000 817000A0
DE000000 80008180
30000000 B3470090
D2000000 00000001
3B4040F0 00000000
66000013 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000012
3E008170 3A1000A0
BF300004 3F2080AE
3F4080AF 3B600005
3F80509E 639C0A68
3FA00000 3FC00000
7C1DD800 41820018
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 3BBD0001
7C1EE000 4182002C
7C19D000 4080001C
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 4BFFFFDC
7E198378 48000008
3B39FFFC 93300000
BB300004 4E800020
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Allows you to walk through walls/doors/rocks/etc.
Thanks to James0x57!

Jesus Mode [James0x57]
48000000 80003A30
DE000000 80008180
30000000 7274FF79
D2000010 00000008
3F808000 3B9C3A2C
C167008C C1FC0000
4E000000 FC0B7840
C1E3015C 40810010
C167010C FC0B7840
40800008 FD607890
D1670088 4C100000
60000000 00000000
66000013 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000011
3E008000 3A103A30
BF300004 3F208098
3F4080C0 3B600009
3F805825 3B9C0BF4
3FA00000 3FC00000
7C1DD800 41820018
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 3BBD0001
7C1EE000 4182002C
7C19D000 4080001C
83F90000 7FDEFA78
3B390004 4BFFFFDC
7E198378 48000008
3B39FFFC 93300000
BB300004 4E800020
E0000000 80008000
a.k.a. Walk On Water. Works on any region (and probably injects too).
Add this line "04003A2C 45027000" under an activator to disable it.
To re-activate it, use "04003A2C C0F00000" under a different activator.
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