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The Sims 2: Castaway [R42E69]

Enable all Plans [TNTkryzt]
005D7B74 00000001

Maximum Motives [TNTkryzt]
0412306C 40810004
0415580C 60000000
0412301C 40810004
040C9080 60000000
04123044 40810004
041558B4 60000000
04155E08 60000000

Max Item Upon Pickup [TNTkryzt]
0411DCF8 60000000

Craft Items From Nothing [TNTkryzt]
041EE898 38800000
041EE8A4 93590008

Maximum Relationship [TNTkryzt]
077FCF18 00000010
7C6B1B78 38600064
906B0000 4A8DA6FC
040D761C 497258FC

Maximize Skill/Personality Enable Code [TNTkryzt]
077FCF00 00000018
5480083C 7C630214
396003E8 B163006C
A863006C 4E800020
(Use with Skills/Personality codes)

Skills: (Use with Maximize Skill/Personality Enable Code)

Cooking [TNTkryzt]
041A4320 49658BE1

Body [TNTkryzt]
041A42CC 49658C35

Mechanical [TNTkryzt]
041A43C0 49658B41

Logic [TNTkryzt]
041A4398 49658B69

Charisma [TNTkryzt]
041A42F8 49658C09

Creativity [TNTkryzt]
041A4370 49658B91

Personality: (Use with Maximize Skill/Personality Enable Code)

Neat [TNTkryzt]
041A44D0 49658A31

Outgoing [TNTkryzt]
041A4494 49658A6D

Active [TNTkryzt]
041A44E4 49658A1D

Playful [TNTkryzt]
041A44BC 49658A45

Nice [TNTkryzt]
041A44A8 49658A59
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