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Phantom Brave: We Meet Again [R46ENS]

Quick Level Gain (Weapons) [TNTkryzt]
040C386C 41820004

Quick Level Gain (Skills) [TNTkryzt]
040B4484 40810004

Gain 10,000 Stage EXP [TNTkryzt]
077FFF7C 0000000C
38802710 909B02EC
4A83CE8C 00000000
0403CE0C 497C3170

Gain 999,999 Stage Exp [TNTkryzt]
077FFF7C 00000010
3C80000F 3884423F
909B02EC 4A83CE88
0403CE0C 497C3170

Gain 4bil Stage Exp [TNTkryzt]
077FFF7C 00000010
3C80EE6B 38842800
909B02EC 4A83CE88
0403CE0C 497C3170

Have 9,999 Level Capacity [TNTkryzt]
077FFF8C 0000000C
3800270F B01A0292
4A8B5D18 00000000
040B5CA8 4974A2E4

All Summoned Gain Stage Exp [TNTkryzt]
0403CDD8 41820004

Gain 500 EXP per Kill [TNTkryzt]
040C3408 3B6001F4

Gain "A Lot" of BOR [TNTkryzt]
0404CB1C 90AD8A6C

Shop Items Lvl 5000 [TNTkryzt]
04099D28 40810004

Have Maximum Mana [TNTkryzt]
0403DCB4 40810004

Have Maximum Mana (Weapon) [TNTkryzt]
040C3758 90860094

Max Mana at Blacksmiths [TNTkryzt]
077FFF18 00000010
3D000099 3908967F
91180094 4A87EA78
0407E998 49781580

Infinite Spiritual Exp [TNTkryzt]
0407B820 38000063
0407B824 901F0A04
0407B828 48000010

Infinite DM [TNTkryzt]
077FFF28 00000018
2C070001 4082000C
3C604348 907C063C
3C608032 4A836D48
04036C80 497C92A8

Infinite HP [TNTkryzt]
077FFF00 00000018
8163000C 280B0000
41820008 801805C4
901805E4 4A84C80C
0404C71C 497B37E4

Infinite SP [TNTkryzt]
040433A8 39600063
040433AC B16401F8
040433B0 A88401F8

Infinite Attacks [TNTkryzt]
04041E68 38000000

Infinite Throws [TNTkryzt]
0403A758 38000000

Infinite Lifts [TNTkryzt]
0403C884 38000000

Have 200 Steal [TNTkryzt]
040B50AC 41820004

Have 100 Move [TNTkryzt]
040B5118 41820004

Have 100 Guard [TNTkryzt]
040B5040 41820004

Have 200 Elemental Defense [TNTkryzt]
040B4F24 40810004

Have 200 Jump [TNTkryzt]
077FFF40 0000000C
390000C8 991D027B
4A8967D0 00000000
04096714 4976982C

Clear Stage (Press Z+1) [TNTkryzt]
077FFF50 0000002C
A963015A 280B0000
4182001C 3D608029
816B31C0 2C0B2200
4082000C 38000000
900305E4 800305E4
4A84988C 00000000
04049800 497B6750

Enable Random Characters at Shop [TNTkryzt]
04099C78 7C601B78
(Use with "Shop for Members" code)

Restore Normal Items at Shop [TNTkryzt]
04099C78 7C1A1A14

Shop for Members (Press 2) [TNTkryzt]
077FFF98 00000068
3D608038 816B96A4
2C0B0100 1C1902C8
40820054 7CF50214
3D00907C 3908BEA0
3D60907F 396B9D98
A98B0000 1D8C02C8
7D286214 39800000
81070000 91090000
38E70004 39290004
398C0001 2C0C00B2
4180FFE8 A98B0000
B189FFA8 398C0001
B18B0000 4A89AD00
0409ACF8 497652A0
(Highlight character in shop menu and press 2)
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