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Silent Hill Shattered Memories [R5WEA4]

infinite health [wiiztec]
04063CD8 60000000
04066F98 60000000

always in peak physical condition [wiiztec]
04063F7C 60000000
makes it so you don't get injured and start limping

flares burn forever [wiiztec]
04BA7218 40000000

flares burn forever (flameless flare) [wiiztec]
041475F8 60000000

flare burn length mod [wiiztec]
XXXXXXXX is a floating point value for the number of seconds
the default is 41C80000 which is 25 in FP

hold A to walk through/over walls & other obstructions [wiiztec]
0400F0B8 48313D0D
0432555C 4BFFEE61
284579CA F7FF0800
0400F0B8 60000000
0432555C 60000000
E0000000 80008000
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