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Pikmin 2 [R92P01]

Ultra Spicy Spray (Red Spray) x99 [Crapulecorp]
42000000 90000000
01A61447 00000063
E0000000 80008000

Ultra Bitter Spray (Purple Spray) x99 [Crapulecorp]
42000000 90000000
01A6144B 00000063
E0000000 80008000

pitch music [CosmoCortney]
04539D80 3FX00000
0453A200 3FX00000
X = 8 = normal speed
X < 8 = deep pitch
X > 8 = high pitch

awesome glowing objects (pikmin leafs, Antennas) [CosmoCortney]
0466F8E8 41000000
0466F890 3FB00000

Instant Kill (Z & 2) [Panda]
286303C2 00002100
0419A6B4 D3E30200
0419B28C D3E30200
CC000000 00000000
0419A6B4 D0030200
0419B28C D0230200
E0000000 80008000
The health bar has to be visible for it to work, some enemies don't die until you hit them once as health is hidden initially.

Electric Damage [Panda]
041D87AC 60000000
This adds inf health against electric fences.

Always 100 Pikmins in Base [Blaster99]
4A000000 91000000
14A61598 00000064
E0000000 80008000

Time Stop (1 Button=on/off) [Blaster99]
286303C2 00000200
041BAFFC 60000000
CC000000 00000000
04 a8d 1BAFFC D0230208
E0000000 80008000
Building and destructing bridges/walls will make no progress if enabled.

Infinite Health [Blaster99]
041D85A4 60000000

ALL Pikmin 9998 (ZiT-Style) [Blaster99]
C2209C40 00000002
38C0270E 90C30000
60000000 00000000
Credits for all codes unless the first one to ZiT, just ported to PAL.
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