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F1 2009 [R9FP36]

Starting Lap Modifier (Ported From Thomas83Lin) [ZiT]
C21327D0 00000006
2C1A0000 41820008
48000020 2C1D0000
41820008 48000014
3C008000 60000003
3BA0000x 93BE000C
809E000C 00000000
-Replace x with your starting lap

Always Get Target Met on a Valid Lap in Career Mode (Ported From Thomas83Lin) [ZiT]
C21320C4 00000003
3E2080F0 62310000
C0310000 D025002C
60000000 00000000
04F00000 41000000
-Also Gives Low Lap times

Infinite K.E.R.S [ZiT]
04122A60 60000000
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