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Bully [RB7P54]

Infinite Tickets [Thirdphaze]
12635866 0000270F
Tickets Also Capped At 9,999

Lifetime Carnival Admission [Thirdphaze]
10635827 00000001

Unlimited Chocolates [Thirdphaze]
14635820 0000000A

Unlimited Flowers [Thirdphaze]
14635814 0000000A

Have Chem-Ex Silo Key Card [Thirdphaze]
14635828 00000001

Have Tad's Gate Key [Thirdphaze]
14635860 00000001

Time Warp [Thirdphaze]
286BA7C2 9FF76008
146EADA8 0C000000
E0000000 80008000
286BA7C2 9FFB6004
146EADA8 00000000
E0000000 80008000
286BA7C2 9FFE6001
146EADA8 09000000
E0000000 80008000
286BA7C2 9FFD6002
146EADA8 0F000000
E0000000 80008000
Press C+Z+Left To Make It 9:00AM
Press C+Z+Up To Make It 12:00PM
Press C+Z+Right To Make It 3:00PM
Press C+Z+Down To Make It 12:00AM
Original Pal Time Code Created By Panda
Added Mine Mainly As A Means To Make The Time Code
Easier To Manipulate.

Acid Effect [Thirdphaze]
286BA7C2 00006100
146EADA8 18000000
E0000000 80008000
Press C+Z+2 To Turn On.
To Deactivate Use My Time Warp Code.
This Code Has No Real Purpose.
Also Contains Pal Time Code From Panda

Inf $$$ [Panda]
055D130C 000F423F

Inf Items [Panda]
C2144224 00000002
3800000C B01D0000
60000000 00000000
Stink Bombs, Fire Crackers, Eggs etc

Freeze Time [Panda]
046EADA8 09010000
09010000 = 09:01am, 0B230000 = 11:35am

Inf Art Pencils [Panda]
C227718C 00000002
38000009 901C0490
60000000 00000000

Infinite Health [Romaap]
055D1324 43480000

Never Wanted [Romaap]
055D13B0 00000000

1-Hit KO [Romaap]
055D1340 7F000000

Fly mode [Romaap]
0418A830 60000000
Use this for the Fly Up and Fly Down

Fly Up [< a5a a href='./index.php?chid=R&hacker=Romaap'>Romaap]
206BACA4 00001000
82200000 92B614A8
86000000 000AAAAA
84200000 92B614A8
E0000000 80008000
Press + on the second wiimote to go up

Fly Down [Romaap]
206BACA4 00000010
82200000 92B614A8
86000000 FFFAAAAA
84200000 92B614A8
E0000000 80008000
Press - on the second wiimote to go down
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