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Driver Parallel Lines [RDVP41]

Unlock all Cheats [TNTkryzt]
06366BE8 00000014
2C000000 408206C0
38000001 98030C46
480006B4 00000000

Access all Vehicles [TNTkryzt]
0403BD58 90C41A10
0403BD5C 80041A10
0403BD68 48000004

Pause Timer (2+Up Wiimote) [TNTkryzt]
205F2760 00000108
0424B6F0 38030000
E0000000 80008000
(must be resumed!)

Resume Timer (2+Dwn Wiimote) [TNTkryzt]
205F2760 00000104
0424B6F0 38030001
E0000000 80008000

Collect 1 Star for 50 [TNTkryzt]
043645B8 38000032

Infinite Cash [TNTkryzt]
077EF52C 00000014
3D600099 396B967F
916414C8 808414C8
4A83DBE4 00000000
0402D11C 497C2410

Infinite Health [TNTkryzt]
077EF4F0 00000024
817E06E0 280B0000
41820014 816B0000
816B0004 280B0000
40820008 D03E06E4
4AAACA9C 00000000
0429BFA8 49553548

Bullet Proof Vehicle (in use) [TNTkryzt]
077EF514 00000018
38800004 39600000
917F0578 917F057C
917F17A8 4A8FBDA0
040EB2C4 49704250

Engine Fully Worked [TNTkryzt]
077EF540 00000018
2C1A0001 4082000C
3D604000 917E0198
C03E0350 4A92C058
0411B5A8 496D3F98
04119624 60000000

Reduce Felony Gauge [TNTkryzt]
077EF558 0000001C
39600000 91630014
91630018 9163001C
91630020 C0230014
4A9C9F60 00000000
041B94CC 4963608C

No Reload [TNTkryzt]
042FF828 9083000C

Rapid Fire [TNTkryzt]
042FF854 38000004

Super Sprint [TNTkryzt]
042E2E84 60000000

Light Traffic [TNTkryzt]
205F2760 00002200
077EF584 0000001C
3976FFFC 816B0000
816B0528 2C0B0001
40820008 D0030000
4A9356F8 00000000
04124C90 496CA8F4
E0000000 80008000
205F2760 00004200
04124C90 D0030000
E0000000 80008000
(Z+1=On C+1=Off)
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