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Disaster - Day of Crisis [RDZP01]

Infinite/Max Items [lindtec]
04616518 00100010
0461651C 00100010

Infinite/Max HP/SP [lindtec]
046292A4 000F423F
0462929C 000F423F

Infinite Health [lindtec]
04104038 60000000

Infinite Stamina [lindtec]
041045A8 60000000

Infinite Ammo (Ingame and Shooting Range) [lindtec]
0412682C 60000000

Infinite Running [lindtec]
0410438C 60000000

Lungs always clean [lindtec]
041044CC 60000000

Infinite Rescue Health [lindtec]
040A24B8 60000000

Shooting Range Time wont go up (or down) [lindtec]
0406CC6C 60000000
225CEC5C 00000000
0406CC6C D05F0004
E0000000 80008000
22616558 00000000
0406CC6C D05F0004
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Car Health [lindtec]
040E4524 60000000

Take no Damage [lindtec]
0420C5E0 60000000
This is for the Statistic-Screen only.

Max Fightpoints [lindtec]
046294A4 0001869F
045EADC0 0001869F
This is for the Statistic-Screen only. It will set your Fightpoints to 99.999.

Perfect Accuracy [lindtec]
0420B880 38040000
0420B87C 38800001
You have to hit an enemy at least once, to get an accuracy of 100%.
This won't work in Shooting Ranges.

Infinite Breath under Water [lindtec]
041041C0 60000000

One-Hit-Finish in Shooting Ranges [lindtec]
225CF7BC 00000000
0418DD64 8006C308
E0000000 80008000
205CF7BC 00000000
0418DD64 38050001
E0000000 80008000
This works in all Shooting Ranges, except the one, where you throw the stones and the Aracade-Shooter. You have to destroy at least one target. If you use just the second line, you will finish each fight (except bosses) with a single kill too.
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