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Ferrari Challenge [RF3E52]

Earn 30,000 Credits per Race [TNTkryzt]
04283968 3BA0C350

Buy to Max Credits [TNTkryzt]
042F0410 3C803B9B
042F0414 3884CA00

Have Maximum Cash [TNTkryzt]
42000000 90000000
04066D58 3B9AC9FF
E0000000 80008000

2 Lap Races [TNTkryzt]
041221B8 D3C30014

Have Worked Engine [TNTkryzt]
077BC000 00000018
801C0090 3D604000
917D00D0 3D604060
917C00EC 4A9A1AB8
0415DAC8 4965E538

Slow Opponents [TNTkryzt]
077BC018 00000018
2C070001 4082000C
39600000 917F00D0
801F00E8 4A91F594
040DB5BC 496E0A5C
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