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Rabbids Go Home [RGWX41]

Press 1 to have xx meters v1.01 (fix big bug) [ardemii]
2860980C 00000200
04B12A2C 38610044
E0000000 80008000
I recommend 000001EF (496),if you have more 500 meters,the game freeze when you give the objects at the rabbid and you cannot have more 500 meters.

Infinite Health [Dr.Cleo]
04B3057C 60000000

Trumpet Rabbid haves all stuff [Dr.Cleo]
80CE1032 00000190

Press 1 to have 5/5 Red Pipes [Dr.Cleo]
2860980C 00000200
0477AAE8 00000005
E0000000 80008000
If you used this code. There will stand that you have 1/5 pipes.
Just ignore it.
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