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Game Party [RGXE5D]

Max Score All Games [BoxNinja]
04191794 000003E7

Have X Amount of Skill Ball Balls [BoxNinja]
04191B34 00000XXX
*WARNING*The game never ends

P1 Game Score 255
* 02191556 000000ff

P1 Game Tickets 255
* 0219157a 000000ff

P1 Shuffle Board Score 255
* 021918c2 000000ff

P2 Shuffle Board Score 1
* 021918c6 00000001

Table Hockey Total Tickets 50 [farjo08]
0219148a 00000032

Darts Total Tickets 75 [farjo08]
02191486 0000004b

Trivia Total Tickets 25 [farjo08]
0219149e 00000019

Hoop Shot Total Tickets 50 [farjo08]
02191492 00000032

Skill Ball Total Tickets 50 [farjo08]
0219148e 00000032

Ping Cup Total Tickets 50 [farjo08]
02191496 00000032

Shuffleboard Total Tickest 75 [farjo08]
0219149a 0000004b
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