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Hot Wheels: Beat That [RHWE52]

Have all Medals [TNTkryzt]
077FE818 0000000C
38002137 90030014
4AA8B75C 00000000
04289F78 495748A0
04289E84 38000000
04289E88 9007000C

Have all Goals [TNTkryzt]
077FE824 00000014
3D600101 396B0101
91630034 88030036
4AA8B65C 00000000
04289E8C 49574998

Have "HotWheels" [TNTkryzt]
042B6844 C002BC74
042B6848 D0030000
042B684C FC000040

Always Place First [TNTkryzt]
077FE800 00000018
A163FFF6 2C0B165C
40820008 38800000
90830E98 4AAC24D0
042C0CE0 4953DB20
042ED488 38600000
042ED498 38C00000

Complete Goals [TNTkryzt]
04377C58 9B430030

Level 2 Powerup Always:

Rockets [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FAD

Mortar [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FAE

Boost [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FAF

Ice-Gun [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB0

Mine [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB1

EMP [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB2

Parachute [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB3

Air-Strike [TNTkryzt]
0436 a18 9850 38800FB4

Smoke [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB5

Tesla [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB6

Shield [TNTkryzt]
04369850 38800FB7
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