9ad Codes: Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward [RJVEGN] (NTSC-US) at GeckoCodes.org - WiiRD Code Database
Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward [RJVEGN]

Receive Sale Price [TNTkryzt]
040ABD08 EC21F82A

Gain Payment x2 [TNTkryzt]
077DC000 00000018
3D60817E C1ABC014
4A889714 40000000
04065720 497768E0

Treated x2 [TNTkryzt]
040656DC 38040002

Instant Treatment [TNTkryzt]
0404825C 38000002

Quick Diagnosis [TNTkryzt]
040305A8 EC021028

Patients Remain Happy [TNTkryzt]
04090E4C 60000000

Instant Clean [TNTkryzt]
040338C8 9BDF0170
040338CC 48000030
04041DD0 38000000
04041DD4 B01F0170
04041DD8 4800003C
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