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JAWA ~Mammoth and a Secret Stone~ (JP) [RJWJEL]

Infinite LIFE [ZiT]
0402D640 4BFD5BC0
04003200 2C070001
04003204 4182000C
04003208 907E01E0
0400320C 4802A438
04003210 60000000
04003214 4802A430

043B2B6C 00000063
043B2B73 00000063

Infinite Ancestors Gauge [ZiT]
04106314 60000000
041066FC 980D9A78
04109380 38030009
041095C8 4BEF9C58
04003220 3800000A
04003224 980D9A78
04003228 481063A4
04109D7C 980D9A78

Ancestors Gauge MAX [ZiT]
0053CE38 0000000A

Support Gauge 100 [ZiT]
0410AE28 4BEF8408
04003230 3800007F
04003234 980D9A57
04003238 48107BF4

Support Gauge MAX [ZiT]
0053CE17 0000007F

DASU 9999999 [ZiT]
043B38BC 0098967F

040D55D0 60000000
040D5688 60000000

Material 99999 [ZiT]
043B3514 0001869F

I do not Feel Thirsty [ZiT]
043B387C 00000064
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